Thursday, February 14, 2008


I was tired of breaking in a pair of sneakers for my mom. When I tried to give them back to her, she refused to take them. I guess I will never get my Keds' Champion Oxford Walkers back from her . Keds don't make these anymore.

I finally found a pair I liked the other day. Today was the day to take them out and try them. Of course, you need to pull the tags off and lace them up.

Well, I remember coming across a book about shoe lacing. Since I did not buy the book and I was sitting by my computer, let's see if Dogpile will bring me up a site. I was tire of mine and ready for somthing different. I've seen some of the wacky lacing on some of the kids' shoes.

Guess what I found! Yep, the author of the shoe lacing book that I skimmed through has a site. This must be where he started before he went into print form.

Ian's Shoelace Site

My lacing method was the "Criss Cross Lacing". I decided to try Ian's "Over Under Lacing". Not to different but different enough for me

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