Sunday, August 24, 2008

Real Life as of Today

Downer - Checked my library account and discovered there are two books overdue. It seems my library is lenient on fees that are not new releases. My luck...I need to contribute to the Library kitty a whopping $1.75 for a past due new release. Oh well, it's for a good cause and I love this small library.

No more being able to do whatever I want during the weekend. I've got a new client in Greenwich, CT. Instead of hopping on a plane Sunday and Thursday, I'll be putting miles on my car instead -- drive up Sunday night and drive back Thursday afternoon. I could do it Monday mornings but it means getting out of the house before rush hour traffic. Nah, I like to be in a good frame of mind. Traffic could just mess with my day. It's about an hour to an hour and half each way if I happen to avoid bad traveling time. Then again, it only takes one accident to wreck my trip. This commute will last until mid-January of next year.

So no more playing on the internet and fooling around with graphics during the week. In Disney terms, I'm always on stage at the client site. Maybe the situation will change later, I hope.

Another downer - My laptop had to go to the doctor's office late yesterday. It was acting up all week until I finally had to call the doc. I'll be merrily working on a document or updating a database, and it would sudden give me a horrible blue screen with gloom and doom words or just shut down **arghhh** The doc said I had to send it in and *crossing my fingers* get a new one. Now this is while I'm onsite at the client. It's 3pm Thursday. The laptop had behaved all day, but then again, I did not have any client facing meetings. So I'm staring at the laptop. I got everything I needed off it so I can work on Friday using my sister's laptop. Did I really want to say good-bye? Did I really want to send it to the doc? In the end, I took a drive to FedEx, got it packed and sent it on its way *sob*. The doc has it and is working on it as I write this blog.

I'm glad I carry my 80G external drive with me -- that's where all my graphic stuff is -- so I was able to back up my important files. Who knows what doc is going to be able to move over successfully for me? I know I'm going to need to reload all the personal software I put on it. *crossing fingers* I hope doc completes his surgery today and ships it back to me on Saturday. Otherwise I don't know what I'm going to do on Monday for my PM asked me to do a demo for my client in NYC.

Yeah, I'm on my sister's lappy.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bad Travel Day

Well, I did not get far. Started and ended in the same place -- home.

U.S.careways' automated system called me earlier to tell me my flight will be delayed by 97 minutes. So I change my car service to pick me up an hour later. Car arrives on time and drops me at the terminal. Lo and behold, I go up to the monitors to check my flight. The words that is dreaded by all is there -- CANCELLED.

Now why couldn't U.S.careways call me to tell me my flight was cancelled *ARGHHHHH*

I call my Travel Service, am on hold for 20 minutes only to find out that they cannot help me. No flights available until late tomorrow or Tuesday.

I tried calling my hotel to let them know that I will not be arriving today, but all I'm getting is a busy signal.

I called my car service and they were able to send me a car in 5 minutes. Blew me away as I lucked out that several cars were there already waiting but it seems those flights were cancelled, too. :D

I got home and called U.S.careways to wait for 10 minutes. No good news. They reiterated what my travel agent said, first available is the last connecting flight to arrive at 1:30am Tuesday morning. Why could they not be like Continental who does automatic rebooking? If you don't like what they did, you can change it. Maybe it's because I have status. I got no status with U.S.careways.

I finally had to call the hotel reservation number to get them to change. I did inform them that they need to call the hotel directly as it still has a busy signal -- either the phone is off the hook or someone is talking for a long time.

Guess, I'll need to talk to my boss tomorrow to see if I should just work from home as a two day work week expense does not seem right. Just being fiscally responsible to client and company budget.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Acheron Book Launch

On Monday, August 4, 2008, 400 fans gathered at The Parthenon in Centennial Park, Nashville, Tennesee, U.S.A. to celebrate the launch of Sherrilyn Kenyon's latest release, Acheron

The crew arrived about 5:30pm to set up. There were minions waiting in line already. Sherri does love you for hanging in the heat and humidity outside.

The doors opened about 7:00pm and fans entered into the lobby where they picked up vouchers, purchased books, got their freebies (buttons, lanyards, bumper stickers, weebles, fangs and manga posters (for 1st 200). Fans were then sent upstairs where the fun was happening.

Warchild and his band played -- even Sweet Home Alabama. The Melting Pot catered drinks and a chocolate fondue fountain. Contests were held for various prizes. Later on, there were costume contests. Besides fans dressed up as characters, there were Hunters -- Ash, Zarek, Talon, Jesse aka Sundown, Rafael and Nick -- available for photo ops and autographs. Sherri was at the feet of Athena signing -- the WHOLE time. Fans received their book as soon as they got up to the signing table.

The signing moved outdoors at midnight. Sherri signed the last book and took the last photo op about 1:00am.

There were about 400 fans who showed up. The Parthenon was a great place to launch Ash's book. There were plenty of books for all. Lots of fans survived the warm temperature (yes, it was hot where the party was held) waiting for their personal time with Sherri. Dianna Love ran the contents and Warchild played to keep the fans entertained.

Here are the pics I was able to take -- sorry for the grittiness, don't know what the matter with the camera.

2008 Acheron Launch

Acheron is available in all bookstores.