Sunday, November 22, 2015

China & Hong Kong: Trip Tips

Things I learned from doing this trip. This is only for a leisure trip from an U.S. national point of view.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

China & Hong Kong: Travel Agencies

I was suppose to go to China in 2014. I had the plane ticket and even the hotel room booked. You had to or else you could not get a China visa.

With booked plane and hotel for China, I decided to use a friend who was a travel agent to do the rest, namely book some tours.

Monday, November 16, 2015

China & Hong Kong: Bucklet List Checked

I really don't do lists, but if I did, visiting China and Hong Kong will be on it. Why? I have to see the homeland of pandas. Plus, I need to visit all the Disney playgrounds. Some might think I need to visit the land I was born in. Nope, pandas and Disney were the main reasons for this trip.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Osbourne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights - Final Year

This will the last year that Walt Disney World's Hollywood Studio will have the Osbourne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights, presented by Siemens. The over 5 million lights were turned on Friday, November 6, 2015 and will be turned off Sunday, January 3, 2016. Hollywood Studios will undergo some major enhancements as Disney takes away and adds new "lands" to this park, like Cars Land and Star Wars.