Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Droid Incredible FINALLY Updated

After numerous tries the Verizon way and two tries the Android Forum way, I've finally been able to update my Droid Incredible phone with it's latest system update. Thanks to the people on the internet, not Verizon.

The Verizon way was to wait for them to push the update to your phone. If the update does not succeed, it puts you back on the queue for the next push wave. I got the push about 4 times. Once even when I was at Disneyland. None of those updates worked. First time was not enough storage. All the other times was a hung phone doing nothing.

Okay, I will not ding Verizon Customer Support on not helping as I did not bother calling them at all. I'm glad I didn't as reading the members who did call Verizon was unable to get help where the solution was not "Factory Reset".

I decided to seek my help on the internet as I seem to find many of my answers there. The members of the Android Forum gave me all the help I needed. I found them by searching for "droid incredible system update stalls".

It brought me to this 1st step in performing the system update:
Second GB Update/Patch Won't Reboot Issue - SOLVED!

Then I had to perform one of the steps in this post:
For those who want the second GB update/patch
I found that I needed to do Method III. In order to make the date stick, I chose the prior month of next year.

The bummer out of this process was that I needed to removed some apps, clear some data and cache in order to clear up storage that the phone supposedly needed and then repeat the steps above again. I guess I deleted enough to only repeat the above steps once more.

Crossing my fingers that this update clears up problems I've been having with the camera phone. Hope it's not the bigger storage card I installed. It now has a 16 gig card. The user manual said it could handle it. Hope it's not the new extra battery I'm carrying now in case I needed extra power while I was doing a mileage run.

Maybe it's telling me I should be looking at new smart phones as I'm up for freebie credit for new phone in 4 months.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

WOOT! Silver

Just checked my frequent flyer status for next year. I'm SILVER again :D Priority boarding! YIPPEE!

How? Last Friday, I became a mileage runner.

What are mileage runners? They are people whose only purpose in flying is to obtain flight miles to reach a specific airline frequent flyer status for the current or next year. As I plan on making trips next year, I want to maintain a level that gives me priority boarding -- gotta get my overhead luggage space as I don't check bags!

Until this year, I've always been able to obtain at least the lowest frequent flyer status as part of my work perks when it winged me from place to place, but I don't have that perk anymore. In October, I thought I had to get about 17,000 miles -- ok, 3 trips out to the West Coast and 1 down south. Thank goodness I rechecked the requirements as my carrier is in the midst of finalizing its merger stuff with the other carrier. I only need 7,000 miles -- easy peasy, a trip out west and one down south.

I was able to get a great deal out west before the carrier discovered it's mistake with pricing :D However, I could not find one south that I was willing to pay for. I kept looking for deals in November but nothing was acceptable. I just needed less than 2,000 miles to make the lowest level.

What's acceptable? It comes down to cost per mile. I try not to go over 6 cents a mile. My west trip came to 4.5 cents a mile.

I went to Flyertalk, a forum for all travel affinity programs, and hope it would give me a tip on where I could go to get my missing miles to get me to 25,000. It did!!!

I traveled 5,950 miles in less than 24 hours. I left my house at 4am and got back home the next day at 2am. It would have been a shorter day if I flew out of my home airport, but I had to drive an hour to another airport.

Yes, I'm crazy, but I know I'm not the only nut that does this. Yes, it's more miles than I need for next year's status, but it will not go to waste. I'm working towards my goal of 1,000,000 actual flight miles.

With a million miles, I will never need to do a mileage run. The 1,000,000 miles will give me LIFETIME Gold status -- priority boarding and 3 free checked bags ;)

I could obtain this level within four years. I might try to get it over with in the next year or two in case the carrier decides to change rule. With my kid-sitting funds, there will be more mileage runs next year *LOL*

Monday, November 14, 2011


One year ago this past Saturday, I was sitting in my home office finishing up the last of my conference calls and office emails. Yep, the last and final ones. No more conference calls. No more office emails. No more rolling out of bed and stroll/crawl into home office. I packed up the office laptop and shipped it back to that big laptop closet in Alpharetta the following week.

I had a list of to-do's for the year. I'm not sorry to say that I don't think I did any of them *LOL* I still have lots of time to do 'em, and the world will not fall apart if they are not done now. I'll get to them, one of these days.

It was a good year. I still made my Disney trips :) I was able to meet friends face-to-face that I've not seen for years! Those were the great times.

Enjoying life :)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Good Reads

It was a week with a few of my favorite authors.

When was the last time you read a story by Johanna Lindsey? It's been quite sometime since I read a "historical" romance. I think I've been reading too many paranormal and "erotic" romances. I had a great time visiting with Johanna again as she spun her tale -- WHEN PASSION RULES. It's about a princess who was stolen when she was just a babe, trying to take her rightful place in a fictious monarchy and her budding romance with her knight in uniform. No, there were no Mallories in this story. It's a totally standalone story.

After Johanna, I moved into the present. I spent some time with Catherine Coulter's Dillon and Sherlock -- SPLIT SECOND. I always like catching up with them, their son, Max and their top-notch team of agents. I think Dillon was playing matchmaker as the fuse between Lucy and Cooper slowly got lit. The novel had three cases for these agents to handle -- venti, grande and tall (never understood why Starbucks couldn't stick with Large, Medium, Regular/Small). For the main case, Catherine created a killer that was related to a famous dead real-life serial killer. Who knew this infamous killer had a progeny? It was fun riding along. Find out how Lucy ensures we can continue to spend time with Dillon in future books -- keeping my fingers that Catherine Coulter continues this series.

I just finished the 2nd book of Iris Johansen's Eve Duncan trilogy -- QUINN. Iris has been writing about Eve, Bonnie and Joe for many years. Eve developed a unique talent. When a skull is found and there's no matching DNA to tell who it is, Eve can build up a face from the skull. Iris is wrapping this series up with the final three books -- the three main characters that span all the books: Eve, Joe Quinn and Eve's daughter Bonnie. I guess I should have waited until BONNIE comes out (Oct 2011) before reading EVE (several months ago) and QUINN. Both EVE and QUINN end with cliff hangers. I couldn't help myself. It was out, and I had to read it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we get a great ending with BONNIE. It's good that I have a ton of books I can read while waiting for it. Wonder what Iris is going to do after this? Will she continue to write with her son? Those are good reads, too.

What books have you read in the last week or two?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lucky Weekend

My weekend started early. I went down to Atlantic City with my sister and her boyfriend last Thursday night. It was a quick trip as we had to return for a family dinner on Saturday.

We spent a couple of relaxing hours at Harrah's indoor pool. The rest of the day was spent at Bally's and the Boardwalk -- BF gambled; sis and I strolled the Boardwalk. Boy, were there lots of seagulls and an occasional pigeon demanding food :)

I did bring $100 down with me in case I wanted to try my luck. My sis did the night before and she was up 10 cents -- penny slots girl. I like the Roulette table.

After dinner, we headed back to Bally's casino. Sis found a $20 Voucher and gave it to me to play. We headed to the craps table and scoped them out. Finally, BF and sis chose a table. I watched the action while BF explained the basics to me. After two sessions, I finally placed the $20 voucher down on the Pass Line. WINNER! The $20 goes in the purse, and we went back to Harrah's. Sis and BF continued to play while I read in the room. It was not a goodnight for them. Sis was down $20 :(

Saturday was checkout day. We went back to Bally's for brunch and some final play. I wanted to try the quasi-automated roulette table since I had a free $20. Individuals had monitors where they can place their bets. No more jostling with others around a single table. It still has the roulette wheel and ball. In the end, the $20 grew to $80 dollars. Darn, I wish I played my number 21. I could have increased it by another $170. Oh, well.

One final bet before hitting the road!

Yes, I started walking to the craps table that we watched earlier. I put down 2 $25 chips on the pass line. I was given the dice, but I passed. I think that was a good thing as the guy next to me had a good running streak. THANK YOU, SIR! Happy me! Happy Sis! BF was even happy.

Zero money. Up $130. Sis got $30. I'm saving $100 for possible future trip. My sis' BF says I have to come on future trips.

I guess someone had to be lucky on this trip as the other two was not. It was my turn. I generally lose or come out even when I decide to play.

Here are pics I took -- 2011 Atlantic City

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Crazy One

I mention "Crazy one" in yesterday's blog. This brought back a great, funny memory :)

When I was young, my parents and older siblings would refer to me as the "crazy person" in Chinese. No, don't ask me why. I don't know why. I might one day ask my older sister why. I don't recall ever being called that when they were speaking to me or needed my attention. They called me by my English name.

I must have really been young to have done this. You know. You hear it constantly, and this must be the way.

My aunt called one day and I answered the phone. She asked who she was speaking to. Yes, you guessed it. I told her "crazy person". Well, I think I shocked her because she was quiet. Or else, she covered the phone so she could laugh. Of course, the family cracked up.

I don't remember whether it was my aunt or family told me how to respond in the future. The correct answer is either my Chinese or English name.

*big smile, teary eyes* That's a good fun memory.

Oh, the only person who was actually called by his Chinese nickname was my 2nd brother during our youth. He was called "dog". His wife found out this tidbit a month or two ago *LOL*

I'm Actually Ready

Yes, I'm really ready to let everyone know.

I'm ready to share this life altering event. It's a crazy one.

It's not a leave of absence. I am

     re·tired /riˈtīī(ə)rd/ Adjective
     1. Having left one's job and ceased to work.

Yes, I quit my job last November. My company never wanted to put me on the layoff list, so I quit. They weren't even nice enough to say I didn't have to work my two weeks notice; we'll just pay you.

Ahhhhh! Retirement! at least until the money runs out *LOL*

Friday, June 10, 2011


Did you notice the first thing I did when I dropped in here a month and half ago? I changed the title and subtitle of this blog. I like it for now.

This blog is always in the back of my mind. It was a kind of bi-monthly nudge. Then it turn into a monthly pinch. Now it's kind of a semi-monthly poke. I've lots to say but just not ready yet. I'm still noodling on all I have to report.

I will be *grin* back. I might start with trip reports. Yeah, maybe. They are fun and not serious :)

We'll see what happens.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wow... It's Been a Long Long Long Time

I came in today to see when I last posted. At least it's not been a year :) Though almost nine months is much.

I'm going to need to get this blog going again as lots have happen since my last post. Gotta get back into a grove on lots of things. This may help me settle down. The routine I'm in right now does not seem right; not that I think it is bad. It's just not feeling right.

I might even tell you what I've decided to do with reading my ebooks :)