Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Whatever You Celebrate This Season

As I catch up on the internet, I come across these gems that my friends have posted. In celebration of the holiday season...

Hanukkah Song

Merry British Christmas

Thank you, Julia :)

Ringing of the Bells (who does not love the Muppets)

Thank you, Barbara. Check out her great blog --

Silent Monks - Handel: Messiah, Hallelujah

Thank you, Dee

I heard this song about 8 years ago as I was driving back from Asheville, NC to Charlotte, NC for work. It has become one of my favorites... The Christmas Shoes by Newsong

For all my friends, old and new, may you have a safe, wonderous and happy celebration however you do it (ever if it's Bah Humbug)!


Sunday, November 22, 2009

PS3, A Cable and Netflix

Yes, I'm now own a PS3 Slim. I was always planning on getting one since I read it's a multipurpose machine. The Blu-Ray player cinched it. Then the streaming of Netflix nailed the coffin. I ordered my PS3 Netflix streaming disk to be ready and that came last week.

I was in no hurry to get a PS3 Slim until I found there was a discount on American Express' Membership Rewards. The points have been sitting there for many years. I got me my holiday present and my brother his birthday and holiday present. Poor SIL has to now find a different gift for him. He and I are very hard to get things for. If we want something, we go out and get it :)

FedEx delivered the PS3s yesterday. I opened up to retrieve the manual to read the setup requirements and what was provided. As I have a 1080p TV set, I knew I needed to get a HDMI cable for optimal resolution. I wanted to get the system all hooked up this weekend and was planning on heading to Radio Shack to get the cable. My brother happened to call and told me to go to Home Depot. The other places were highway robbers. I checked it out on the internet, and he was right. The prices are so drastically different from store prices. I headed to Home Depot and discovered they do not sell their lowest priced items in a store. $20 was still cheaper than the other places. I'm playing for store inventory and immediate satisfaction.

Hooked everything up, easy-peasy, and fed the Netflix disk. I can now watch many of the Netflix offerings. The only inconvenience is it is not constant streaming. The video is interrupted every 30 minutes or so while more is downloaded. Many intermissions. I've watched Passenger and Legend of the Seeker (Season 1). It's better than nothing. I'll be able to catch up on the series that have appeared on HBO and Showtime, like Tudors and Dexter.

I'm happy with my new toy. I now need to get a game to play on the PS3 :) Do you have any recommendations -- something along the lines of Mario Bros, Zelda, Tetris or Bejeweled?

Friday, November 20, 2009


It's been a while since the whole team stayed at the same hotel. We were forced to stay in Tempe as all hotels in downtown Phoenix was booked for the 2009 Greenbuild Conference.

It's a brand new hotel called Aloft. It was a very interesting hotel. Very different from what I'm use to. Aloft is part of the Starwood Hotel network (Sheraton, W). It's not a full service hotel, nor is it a budget hotel. I could not tell you what the rate is as we got in for the federal government rate. And when I got my bill, they did not even charge me for all the nights I stayed.

For the week we stayed there, it was good. There was a Starbucks, In-n-Out, Yogutland, Jersey Mike's and a fast food mexican directly across from the hotel. Denny's was another block away. Otherwise, you'll need a car to get anywhere else.

The Getty Villa

In my many visits to the LA area, I wanted to do something different than just hanging at Disneyland. Sacrilege. Not. I will always squeeze in a day there. A little hunting and I came up with the Getty Museum. I asked my friends, the Williams, if they wanted to join me and which one would they prefer. The Getty Villa it is.

The Getty Villa required time entry tickets. It's free, but if you plan to use your car, you have to pay for parking -- $10.00 a car. Dave figured out why timed tickets were needed. It was to control the car situation. I'm sure the neighborhood did not want cars backing up down the Pacific Coast Highway.

We missed all the free tours as we were too busy going hither and thither. Carolann got the self-guided audio tour and totally learned lots. Dave used the opportunity to use his camera -- not one of those point and shot things that Carolann or I use. I read the plaques and took pictures with my camera phone. I especially like the special exhibit they had of the Getty Commodore busts. Sorry, no pics as it was a special exhibit and camera was a no-no.

Go here to visit The Getty virtually and here for my pics.

Monday, November 16, 2009

What Is It?

It's not a coffee stirrer. It's too short for the cup. I guess it could be used for a single espresso.

I saw this at a Starbucks. It was by the coffee cup sleeves where you pick up your order. There was a whole bunch of them there. It was in a caddy that said something about another great idea. I don't know how long this has been out as it's been a while since I had a Starbucks beverage.

Once I figured out what it was with the help of my sister, I totally agree it was a great idea.

It plugs the hole on the coffee lids so you can travel without it sloshing all over the place, especially when you ordered beverages for your friends.

Well, I took a few and carry at least one with me in a small ziplock baggie when I need one. I used it this morning. I plugged up my coffee, put it in a bag and arrived at destination without a single drop out of the cup in the bag :)

So which is more cost effective? Lids that come with a mechanism to plug the hole, like the ones McDonald's and Dunkin Donuts uses. Or this handy dandy thingamagit.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Taliesin West

I got the opportunity to stay in Phoenix for the weekend. What to do? What to do?

While having breakfast at I-Hop, I perused a visitors guide that I got from my hotel. It had a great article about Frank Lloyd Wright, the architect. It pointed out the many buildings that were located in the Phoenix area, especially his winter school.

That's what I decided to do. Visit Taliesin West.

I went on the $32 tour which lasted about 2 hours. The guide showed us Mr. Wright's office, living room where the students gathered (no pictures permitted), his bedroom (no pictures permitted), large theatre and small theatre and the grounds.

The guide, Jason Silverman, was great. He was a great storyteller. Jason took the tour when he was little. I guess it touched his muse that he decided to attend the school and decided later to show his love by became a tour guide.

Here are pictures I took: 2009 Taliesin West. The last picture in the slideshow is not part of Taliesin West. It happens to be another structure that Mr. Wright designed and sits in a shopping strip.

Now I have a yearning to visit Taliesin in Illinois, Falling Water in Pennsylvania and the Guggenheim in New York. Hopefully, I can do the Guggenheim, which is just across the river from me, before it's special tribute to Frank Lloyd Wright is over.

Have you visited something that called your muse?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Yes, It Was Team Building

Wednesday was Veterans Day -- remembering those who have passed, who have served and who serve now to ensure we are safe and free. Some companies observe by closing and some companies do not. It's business as usual. As it was still a work day for my team and our client had the day off, we did something totally different. It was the last week for one of our valued team members. So it was decided that it would be a team building day. That's what I'm calling it and sticking to it.

We gathered in the hotel lobby at 10:30am and away we went -- heading east into the Tonto National Forest. Hour and half later we reached our destination.

1st stop... Tortilla Flat for lunch. It's been a long time since the team enjoyed a meal together. A very interesting establishment. The walls were covered in dollar bills. I understand they no longer accept them for wall decor. Plus, the bar stools were saddles.

2nd stop... Dolly Steamboat for 1 1/2 excursion in Canyon Lake to see nature and possibly wildlife. We joked about being stranded on one of the islands. The second song that was played after safety spiel was Gilligan's Island song. I'm sure the youngsters on the boat did not get the funny. We did see a big horn ram up high on a ridge, a heron and lots flora and interesting rock formations. It was a nice relaxing ride.

Final stop... Gold Fields Ghost Town. I walked around to check the town out. I noticed that many of the members were disappearing. I saw one member enter a building and he never came back out. I finally headed into the saloon. Yep, the rest of the team were in the saloon wetting their whistles.

I and two other members headed back to the hotel. While the rest headed to a local team member's home to check out a horse or two.

It was a great relaxing day away from the grind. Check out the pictures I took.

I've Been Remissed...

... in not writing about all I've seen since my last travel trip which I think was Phoenix Chinatown.

Last weekend, I was organizing the pictures I've taken and uploading them to my Photobucket account. As they were not in Photobucket, I see many of my trips are missing.

Well, do not despair. I'll catch up on my sight seeing blogs in the next several weeks. They will not be in date order. The first one will be the one that occurred this week. It will be posted soon.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Status Here, Status There, Status Everywhere

MySpace just recently announced that they have a new app to update Twitter when you update your Myspace status. I think I heard that AIM is also jumping into the status bandwagon. I'm sure Yahoo is not far behind.

Of course, Facebook has had an app to Twitter for a while.

With all these apps running around that will update your status on all the social networks (yes, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and many others are now called social networks), the ordinary person can go nuts trying to figure out who updates who. Or else, you will see double, triple updates of the same status in one network. I've seen this happen on Twitter and on Facebook.

If you have a Facebook and MySpace and Twitter account (*raises hand* I do) and you activate the app on Facebook and MySpace -- remember Facebook and MySpace do not talk to each other (sacrilege, they are real competitors) -- and you put the same status update on Facebook and MySpace, Twitter will get the same status update twice. Because... Facebook sent it to Twitter. MySpace sent it to Twitter.

You really need to understand the direction of these apps.

Unless... You find an app that will update all your social network sites in one fell swoop. Is there such an appimal out there? There sure is.

I use I understand does it, too. You will need to trust these sites with your userid and password into your social networks. Yes, you do. If you use the MySpace connect to Twitter, you will need to give MySpace your Twitter information. Same is true for Facebook. How else do you expect the API to talk for you?

What I like about Hellotxt is that I can type in my status and decide which social network I want to update -- all of them, just two or only one of them. Hellotxt also gives me some visibility to my Twitter activity and I can use it to respond to my Twitter friends. I just discover another reason I like Hellotxt. I just tried to connect to and VPN blocks it.

As majority of my day is in VPN (yes, another acronymn. Virtual Private Network. I have to log into this for my job.) hell, all my social network access is banned. Google Reader gives me visibility to Facebook and some Twitter statuses. I don't care about MySpace.

If you have multiple social network accounts and each of them offer apps, you might want to seriously think of finding a service that will handle bulk updates for you. This also saves you time if you want to post the same status to more than one social network. has a great article about how Facebook statuses can be updated without being in Facebook -- HOW TO: Update Facebook from Outside. The article briefly touches on services like HelloTxt and

How many social networks do you belong to? If you belong to multiple ones, how do you update the status if there is one?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Continental's New Video System

Two Sundays ago, I finally got on a Continental plane, 737, with the new video system. Notice that I said video system and not audio-video system.

My return flight had the old audio/video system. Of course, I sat in the row that had the monitor right on top of the seats in front of me and the other monitor was just too far away. It's a good thing I was not interested in it. I had an ebook I wanted to finish.

Last Sunday, I got my second chance to explore the new video system again.

A year ago, as Continental started getting new planes, they were not rigging them with the usual audio/video system. Continental was waiting for the delivery of new equipment -- individual systems for each passenger -- and did not want to expend the cost of refitting the plane.

There were many disappointed customers who discovered they had to entertain themselves for 4 plus hours. Season traveler that I am, of course, I was prepared.

The old monitor every 4-5 rows and 12 stations. 2 stations devoted to audio for the video -- 1 English and other Spanish. The other 10 stations for different kinds of music. At some point, the cost of entertainment went from $4.00 to $1.00. The headphones even changed. Over the ear clip-ons changed to earbuds that you can use on your own portable player. It included a gadget to transform the plug from single to dual plug so you can use them on any Continental plane.

The new system is DirecTV. There are no music stations. The movies are stilled controlled by Continental. They offer 4 current ones each month. September movies are Night at the Museum: Battle of Smithsonian, The Proposal, Star Trek and Terminator: Salvation. Continental also has 4 additional stations for reruns of dramas, comedys and miscellaneous documentaries. You could consider this Continental Vision. If DirecTV goes out because of plane misalignment with the satellite, you can still watch these 8 stations. Then you have 75 DirecTV stations to surf through for more programming like TNT, FoodTV, CNN, MSNBC, ESPN.

The bad thing about this new system is that programming does not halt when the plane PA system is used, even Continental Vision continues on. It's very annoying as you will miss all dialogue when the crew speaks. If I want music, I guess I'll have to make sure my player has enough juice.

You do need a credit/debit card to activate the system. The cost is $6.00. Headsets (the earbuds with dual plug attachment) are complimentary. Hopefully, it does not go up anymore as I consider this high. (Yes, it's still cheaper than a movie ticket and, given enough time, you could watch two movies, like I did.) As always, it is free for First Class. Though another frequent flyer told me you can get Continental Vision, not the movie channels, for free. I'll have to explore that when I'm in coach with the new system.

Supposedly the planes with DirecTV also have power outlets so you can plug in. I tried this once in First Class but was never able to find a working one in Coach.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Live Long and Prosper

I guess it's one of those things that some can do and some cannot. You know, like wiggle your ears or roll your tongue.

It seems the Vulcan Salute is another one.

What's bad though is when a Vulcan cannot do the hand gesture. The new Mr. Spock, Zachary Quinto, in The Star Trek movie cannot. He either had to have his hand positioned the right way before the camera shot or skin glue was used if it was the middle of the shot.

What was the eye opener for me was to discover that William Shatner could not do the gesture either. Conan O'Brien discovered this during his Tonight Show.

Can you do the Vulcan Salute? May you live long and prosper.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


No, that the geographical ones, but my favorite bookstore.

Why? They have a frequent buyer program which does not cost you anything to join. They are good in sending discount coupons, nearly weekly, to members. If you spend $150.00, they will send you a $5 off coupon for your next purchase.

But this is not why I'm blogging.

Ever since I started buying ebooks, I've not step foot into my local Borders. I had to go this time because I knew I could not get the Dark-Hunter Manga as an ebook.

I parked and opened the first door. I saw a discounted dinosaur book which is a great gift for my nephew's upcoming birthday. As I stepped further into the store, past the front where they always do the promo for the new stuff, nothing was the same. They have reconfigured the central shelves layout. Now I have to relearn my local store. It was like visiting an out-of-town Borders. All the categories and stacks got moved around. They are no longer rows and rows of shelves. Borders created a square-like area for these sections -- Young Adults, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Romance, Graphic/Manga. Teens must really be reading now given Harry Potter and Twilight. I've never such a prominent area for Young Adults.

Instead of recommendations in each section, maybe they are still there but I did not notice, they had a wired display like this. If you don't know True Blood based on the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris is the biggest buzz since Twilight. I will admit I tried one of her books. It was not my cup of tea or I was not in the mood for it and never tried again. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big paranormal fan. I've read majority of the books or have them on my TBR that are on that display. Though I don't get what Janet Evanovich Plum series is doing here.

Some square areas had weird end caps. Like J.R. Ward's series was an end cap in the Mystery section. I wondered if they moved her to this section as the hard-core romance community did not like the direction her books were taking -- more urban fantasy than romance. So I check the Mystery shelves for her books. Nope, not there. I went to the Romance section to see if she was still there. I only found one.

I read somewhere that Borders has decided to order less stock from the publishers. This way it's less inventory that would need to be returned to the publisher or gets discounted. I think it's true. I generally help out, unpaid, by restocking when I see the holes in the shelves. I would find the books hidden behind what's displayed. There were none to be found. I think all of J.R. Ward's stock was on the floor. All of Sherrilyn Kenyon's was also front and center. Nor any for Christine Feehan.

What changes have you seen in your local bookstore to whet your appetite to buy more books? Or have you gone almost electronic book, like me, or the audio route -- you know downloading from iTunes?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mosquitoes & Their Bite

Mosquitoes must have been the first vampires. What!?! Do they not suck your blood?

I went to my brother's BBQ on Saturday. Unlike some of the others, I just sat, fanned myself, ate and chatted with my brother's in-law relatives. It was too hot, 90's, and humid to run around. As I was under the trees in his backyard, I was the feast for some other critters. I do not think the bug-off spray worked. I guess it made me tastier.

When I got home, I went searching for my cortisone as some of them were saying "scratch me". I keep a tube a round as I easily get hives when I'm totally stressed. I could not find it anywhere -- emptied the pocketbook and brief case and shoveled through my carry-on. I must have left it in the office or hotel bag. Gotta have something to put on the bites or I'll never sleep. I hightailed it back to the car for a quick trip to my Shop-Rite. I picked Aveeda's 1% hydro-cortisone. Smeared it on myself and went to bed with mine over itch.

I woke up with more mosq bites screaming for scratching. Put more Aveeda on myself and had my sis help with the ones on the back. Not much relief; maybe an hour.

I posted on FB and twitter about my misery with my mosq bites. I got some very interesting advice...

"rubbing alcohol on cotton balls, blot. works for me"
"ice also helps a little bit"
"Aspercreme! It has a numbing agent and takes away the itch!"
"Drink a beer or a hard cider...itching disappears for some reason"
"if you have Maalox rub that on the bites and it will stop itching"
"go ahead and scratch"
"sometimes Benadryl helps w/ the itching. Does for me but it makes you tired. Also After Bite if you have it there works"
"make a paste of meat tenderizer and water and put it on your bites. It works believe me. Crazy but true."
"try the Dr Burt's res-q ointment. It is made by Burt's Bees"

The Benadryl reminded me that I can take Claritin as it decreases the histamines in the body. I forgot that I took that along with smearing Cortisone on my hives. I found my Claritin and took one. Still major itch screaming. I looked at the advice given and feel Aveeda is better as moisturizing company and headed to my local CVS.

I liked the aspercreme comment but CVS did not have that but they had their brand. Picked that up. Picked up rubbing alcohol, too, as you cannot go wrong with having that in the house. Benadryl actually puts out an extra strength itch stopping cream. It's like the aspercreme as it contains a topical analgesic. Cheapo me went with the CVS brand which contains the same ingredients.

Got home and smeared the CVS itch relief cream on. It actually works. Bites went into a murmur. I don't know how much this was helped by the Claritin I took earlier. I have the CVS quasi aspercreme as a back up in case I need a stronger numbing agent. Aspercreme is for arthritis.

Well, Monday early I had to get on a plane. I took my Claritan and guess which cream I used. I used the CVS pretend aspercream as I did not want to hear from the bites at all. They only gave little squeaks until I deplaned. I think the usage of my legs woke them all up.

It's Tuesday and they have all quieted down with occasional murmurs that I can easily ignore. I did not put anything on them today. However, I don't appreciate the red splotches that are the remnants of the bites.

My sister has requested that my brother hold his next BBQ indoors. Her boyfriend has more bites than I did. He did not become aware of them until Sunday and Monday when some of them wanted attention.

Next time, I'm bringing the citronella candle pot I have.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Sherrily Kenyon's Bad Moon Rising Tour - Foxwoods Stop

Now, when did I gas up the car for 160 mile drive to Foxwoods Resort Casino. It must have been Saturday. Tis very sad that I have lost all sense of time.

On Sunday, August 9, I headed out of the house at 11:15am to insure I got Foxwoods before the event started at 3pm. I'm glad I left early as there were many parts of I-95 in CT that was congested. Holter Graham kept me entertained during my drive out and back (@320 mi roundtrip). I got to finish 5 more disks of the 19-disk ACHERON. As I listened to the 1st five disks on my last trip to Foxwoods, I will need another trip to finish the book off. It might be next year.

Like last year, I found immediately where Sherri's signing was going to be held. I couldn't miss this sign once I came in from the garage. When I got to the Grand Pequot Ballroom, I had to do a doublecheck as the signage on the ballroom was advertising "Deal or No Deal". As there was a line coming out of the ballroom and I recognized the visage of a Kenyon minion, I was assured I was in the right place.

Unlike last year which was the big splash for ACHERON in 2008 (photos), the ballroom lobby was where you just purchased BAD MOON RISING and received a ticket to attend the Q&A and author signing. I, like Sherri, was shocked to find out you must purchase BMR in order to enter the event. When I double checked with Foxwood staff, I walked out to decide what I wanted to do. As I took a picture of the signage, I double checked it. Yep, the small print says you must purchase BMR in order to enter the event. Even though I bought my copy of BMR with me, I re-entered and purchase another copy. I really wanted to see Sherri and her co-hort, Dianna Love.

The room was a bit smaller than last year, still big though, and did not have the book covers hanging from the ceiling. Instead the book covers were leaning against the wall upfront.

Dianna Love introduced Sherri. Sherri did here Q&A. Dianna kicked out Sherri to start the signing. While Sherri was signing anything and everything, except a check, Dianna entertained the group in the ballroom with giveaways and vinnets about her travels with Sherri.

It was very entertaining how Dianna did the giveaways this year. Instead of using tickets we generally receive at the events, Dianna decided to use the event signing numbers that Foxwoods distributed. The pages of BAD MOON RISING was used to find the winning number. Dianna would open the book to a specific page number. There were many shouts for specific numbers, "even" and "odd". Then Dianna got the audience to scream "STOP" while she flipped through the pages. It was a fun time.

What was given out you wonder: Simi Birthday Cards, Bite Me Glo Bracelets, Marked by Fang T-Shirts, BMR Poloshirts, Kenyon Menyon lapel pins, Daimon lapel pins, Simi lapel pin, Acheron lapel pin, Tabitha Drawstring Backpack, DH Slapbracelet (even a blonde can operate - Dianna said that), Bad Moon Rising Tote Bag, Born of Night Galley, all the hanging bookcovers from last years ACHERON event, BMR promotion posters and placard and that BMR Bookcover hanging on the stage.

It was great playing catchup with Simi aka Kimmy and meet new minions. I waited until the end to get my books autographed as I think I've finally had Sherri sign all the books I have. Gotta check my bookshelf.

As I made my way back to the garage, I looked at my receipt. There was nothing about final sales or no return policy on books. It may not be right, but I returned the book I bought. I just did not feel right paying full price for a book I can get at a discount, especially a hardcover.

I will not blame Sherri for how the venues decide to handle her signing. It taught me a lesson to always check with the venue on their signing event. If Sherri knew ahead of time, she would have posted it. Well, for Foxwood, Sherri did not know until she arrived at the event herself.

Click here for more pictures of the Bad Moon Rising Tour - Foxwoods.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Shorten URLS - Beware, Be Safe

When you take a URL like this: and use a service like Twitter or HelloTxt, it gets shorten to something like this: This is the only way to communicate a link if you want to include more than just the link in a short message.

The shortening of the URL has concerned me more and more as I see it spread across all social networks -- Twitter, Facebook, MySpace. Can you trust the links that your friend sends?

Alas, no. I recently got one, a link from a trusted friend on my MySpace account. I read the message, and it was a weird one. Good old search engine was able to find me an app that will expand the shortened link. It was still mumbo jumbo. DO NOT trust mumbo jumbo links. So, I texted ;) her to go look to see if she did that. Guess what? Her account got hacked and that person is spreading poison to her friends.

Folks, don't trust shorten urls, even from friends. I'm using Firefox and have added a plug-in that will expand shorten urls. I put my cursor on top of the link. It pops up a bubble that shows the real link. Now you can see where it may take you. COOL!!!

The plugin or add-on I installed for Firefox is LongURL Mobile Expander. You can also use their website

Extracted from Blog of Cool Links, they offer another one that can be used. Untiny. Want more information about Untiny, check out Untiny: Extract the Original URL Behind The Short URL.

Please be safe than sorry.

Oh, read the article link that I used in the first paragraph. It talks about the same thing I am. You may need to close an ad if it appears.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July Fireworks

Okay, I'm sitting here using my sister's laptop, checking my Google Readers Service and decided to write this blog. On the tellie is the NYC Fireworks on the Hudson River. The terrace door is open and lots of booming, banging, popping coming through. And, it's loud. It beats the tellie.

I think I've been spoiled by Disney. The NYC Fireworks does not interest me. My condo complex is at a high point in Jersey with a great view of NYC. I'm sure I would get a fabulous view of the going ons on the Hudson River. I'm not interested. I'm sure there are mosquitos lurking in the grassy area on the ridge.

Yes, Disney has definitly spoiled me. When I'm at Disneyland or Walt Disney World, I try to catch the fireworks. When I do, it's always close up. I always enjoy it and listening to fellow guests who see it for the first time.

It also does not help when my neighboring towns are booming, banging and popping louder than the offering of NYC fireworks. I definitely did not care at all for the fireworks or I would not be writing this blog while it's going on :)

My heart felt thanks to the service men who ensure we continue to have our freedoms.

Did you enjoy this year's fireworks in celebrating the birth of America?

Friday, July 3, 2009

Webdesigner Depot

I found a new website that gathers some great artwork from the worldwide web. It's the Webdesigner Depot. Besides the artwork they find, "Webdesigner Depot is an exciting new platform designed to explore different web and graphic design techniques, great examples and best practices." I've added them to my Google Reader Service so I will always know when they've posted something new. I dabble, but I might go into web design one of these days.

Here are some of their art collections.

Do you love the designs baristas top your favorite coffee? Check these out - 50 Beautifully Delicious Coffees. Since I've always have my coffee to go, I've never had the opportunity to see a talented barista at work. Have you?

Did you know you can do a bit more with your panoramic pictures? Look at these 50 Dazzling Examples of Polor Panorama Photography. Are you now tempted to try this yourself? I will when I find more than one spare moment. Otherwise, it gets added to my growing list of things I want to try when I retire.

Last week, we lost one of our greatest musician, Michel Jackson. See how some artists paid homage to the King of Rock. They are beautiful pictures. I'm glad we will always have Micheal's music and music videos to keep his memory alive. I was blessed to be able to see him in concern twice. Both times were GREAT!!!

What sites do you check out periodically for art?

Picture credits: Webdesigner Depot

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Why I Go To Weddings?

My friend from across the big pond, Julia, shared this with me. I needed to share it, too.

I've not been to many weddings so I don't have any mishaps to relay.

What funny things have you seen or been part of at a wedding?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Digital TV - Part 2

I was reading this article: Millions Left Behind as TV Goes Digital
I guess the analog airwaves really went dark. I would not know as all TVs I'm watching now is hooked up to cable.

How does one communicate to the millions to let them know what's coming and what needs to be done?

I know the news stations have been repeating this story many times. I generally don't watch the news when I'm local. It's a different story when I'm traveling. So, if many are like me when I'm local, this communication did not work.

I know the newspapers talk about it. Yep, when I'm local, I don't read the newspaper. So, this communication does not work either.

The one thing I don't remember seeing is a commercial about the digital converters. Instead I saw cable companies tooting their service is required when digital TV comes. If you had money, wouldn't you be a cable subscriber? There is a reason for why you're on free TV -- either no money or just don't like cable. Plus, it does not help when some are in the boonies where there is no cable service.

I don't remember if this was done or not. Should not the government who required the conversion to digital put out a commercial announcing what needs to be done? The commercial would run between programs.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Digital TV

Tomorrow is it. Are you ready? Analog television goes away.

I don't have anything to worry about. I have cable. However, I did buy two converters with the $40 coupon cards the government supplied. I was curious to see what stations I would get over the airways.

Until recently, all my televisions were still analog ones. The main one had to be replaced as it must have known that it's analog days were numbered and decided to go whack-o. So, I put it out of it's misery and bought a new one.

I decided to try the converter on my oldest television. This was the first one I bought over 26 years ago, RCA 19-inch. I don't think it's the TV but the antenna I used and the placement of the TV which was in the basement. I was unable to get any of the local stations. I did get some interesting ones. When I have more time, I'll hijack a home-made antenna from my brother to see if I get better results.

As I was discussing my station findings with my brother, he explained the downstream impact to our analog video equipment -- DVR and VHS machine. If you're hooked up to a converter, you can only record one station and that is the station that is set on the converter. The channels on the video recorder machines are worthless. The converter is what controls what is recorded. You cannot watch one station and record another. This made us wonder how many DTV converter people understood this. WOW! What a way to kill analog video recording equipment. For those that understood this, there are a couple of DTV converters out there that will save your video recording equipment. Don't remember what they are but my brother found it and I recently read about them in Consumer Reports.

I also discovered that I might need to use the converters as the cable company is moving some of the premium stations to digital. This requires an adapter from the cable company and they only provide 3 for free. Yes, I have more than 3 TVs. The only rooms that do not have a set are the bathrooms :) I paid the cable company enough and do not see why they should get anymore from them. I cannot wait until FIOS gets here so I have a choice.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Air Travel - Pet Peeve

Please put your luggage by where you sit; not in front of the plane. I feel for the poor souls who have not boarded yet and wind up putting their luggage in the back. I know how the poor souls feel as this happens to me when first class upgrade is given after I've boarded and settled in my coach seat.

I don't like it when the flight crew put their carry-on in the section reserved for elite traveler.

Passengers seated behind you who will not let you deplane because they just have to get off. Wait your turn, please.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Chipping at the Glass Ceiling

President Obama announced last week his nominee for Supreme Court Justice -- Sonia Sotomayor.

This week Xerox announces its next successor -- Ursula Burns.

Both women were raised in New York City and are minorities.

The odd thing about Xerox. Current CEO is a female, Anne Mulcahy. One would have expected that it would be passed to a male.

Business Week has a great article about Ursula Burns. If you do not have time to read the article, you can listen the the podcast. The podcast hits the highlights of the article.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Stand By Me and Tires

These are my latest finds in the great world wide web...

Isn't this cool?

It's made of tires. What a way to recycle? Check out more here.

He's Just Not Into You

It's a crapshoot when you get on a Continental flight whether you get flight entertainment or not. I lucked out last night. This crew did a switch up. You generally get the movie first and then Continental TV. I liked the switch. As I'm generally snoozing before take-off, I generally miss the beginning of the movie and, plus, the meal service and captain interrupts it.

I saw He's Just Not Into You. I totally enjoyed this chick flick. I could even relate with bits 'n pieces of it.

As for becoming the "exception", I'm still waiting. Just as long as my blood is still pumping, there's time for being the "exception".

If I do not become the "exception", c'est la vie.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Spam

Subjects found in my email spam folder yesterday...

"Are you still sleeping?"

"Where will we meet?"

"Jack said you didn't come"

"Sitting here, waiting for you"

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Mairzy Doats

Mairzy doats and dozy doats and liddle lamzy divey
A kiddley divey too, wouldn't you?
Mairzy doats and dozy doats and liddle lamzy divey
A kiddley divey too, wouldn't you?
No, I did not lose my mind. It's just memories surfacing again.

I came all the way to LA to hear news about New York Central Park Zoo. They have new lambs. The lambs made me remember the song above.

I was on vacation on my first visit to Walt Disney World, mid to late 80's. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Maingate outside of WDW. They had entertainment each night in the hotel. Without fail, the entertainer would sing the above song. I think it was either his opening or ending.

That was a fun vacation.

If you don't get the lyrics, here's another part of the song...
If the words sound queer and funny to your ear, a little bit jumbled and jivey,
Sing "Mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy."

And if I remember right, the entertainer had a lamb puppet ... or am I mixing it with the Shari Lewis and Lamp Chop.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Let Me Entertain You ... for a bit

Thanks to Smart Bitches, Trashy Books for the heads up on Extreme Sheep LED Art and Validation.

Exteme Sheep LED Art

Did you see the Mona Lisa? Love the fireworks and the game :)


Everyone needs to be validated!!!

West Side Story is coming back to Broadway. Good Morning, America (GMA) was lucky to get two of numbers in their studio -- America and Playing It Cool. You may need a little patience on the GMA links to load and the advertisement to play.

Enjoy the show!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

R Books, PG-13 Website Does Not Compute

I was reading my NYTimes Today's Headlines and this caught my eye:

YouTube Blocked in China

...and this brought to mind the many complaints I see on message boards and websites. "Why does the author write R-rated books but we (fans) cannot post using R-rated content?" "Why is the author censoring what we say?"

First, the site belongs to the author and he/she can set whatever rules he/she wants.

Second, the site is a marketing tool for the author. It's to promote his/her books.

I experience censorship everyday when I connect to the internet through my company's VPN (Virtual Private Network) or the client's network. Companies do not want their network used for non-work related sites. You are on company time and should be doing company work. Of course, that is not true. I'm glad my favorite authors' sites are not banned. I need an occasional break. For some fans, the work place may be the only connection they have to the author on the worldwide web.

Parents put software on computers to censor the internet sites that kids can accidentally or intentionally go to. Parents who like to read the authors book can feel safe that the site is kiddie safe.

Yes, there are countries that ban internet sites. Wikipedia has a pretty good article about it -- Internet Censorship.

In order to market themselves and make it accessible to the biggest audience, authors make their website PG-13 or even PG level.

And to tell the truth, I really don't want to read the @#!!&@ language some are using these days.

Blogging & Your Personality

I got this from Barbara Vey's Beyond Her Book PW Blog who got it from Keira Soleore's Blog.

This tool analyzes your blogs to figure what kind of personality you have. Of course, if your blog is not generic like mine and yours is geared towards a specific genre, it may skewed the personality profile it gives you.

Typealyzer - What personality is behind that blog?

ESFP - The Performers

The entertaining and friendly type. They are especially attuned to pleasure and beauty and like to fill their surroundings with soft fabrics, bright colors and sweet smells. They live in the present moment and don´t like to plan ahead - they are always in risk of exhausting themselves.

They enjoy work that makes them able to help other people in a concrete and visible way. They tend to avoid conflicts and rarely initiate confrontation - qualities that can make it hard for them in management positions.

The letters you see ESFP come from the Myers& Briggs Foundation. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is used by many organizations for team dynamics -- understand yourself and others that you get to work with. For more information and the definition of the letters, go to The 16 MBTI Types and while you're there, check out the rest of the site.

What is MBTI's description of ESFP?

Outgoing, friendly, and accepting. Exuberant lovers of life, people, and material comforts. Enjoy working with others to make things happen. Bring common sense and a realistic approach to their work, and make work fun. Flexible and spontaneous, adapt readily to new people and environments. Learn best by trying a new skill with other people.

Like your horoscope or chinese zodiac, there's some truth in what it says.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

In the News

Well, I decided to read some of the email news that I subscribe to instead of starting my work day. Yup, procrastination reared its head.

Via NY Times -

It's great to hear that some strap hangers do not believe bridge/tunnel tolls should be raised or created to decrease the cost of them riding the public transit system I wish my property taxes were adjusted for not having kids that use the public school system. Okay, my nieces and nephews moved here and are using the system now. I've told them they better take advantage of all that is offered -- seeing my tax dollars at work.

Obama wants private investors to help out in this crisis. It is a good time to buy if you have the extra dollars to spend. My brother pointed out this weekend that if we bought 1,000 shares of Citigroup two weeks ago we would have doubled the value of our shares.

I hope Palm can make it with it's new Pre. Though I don't think Sprint was a good choice as a partner. I left Sprint many years ago as they had horrible cell service. Still do. My company's Blackberry service is with them. I don't wanna go Apple.

Copyright problems that affect you, YouTube and Warner. Where does one draw the line? You use a song owned by Warner. You don't make any money from it. You upload it to YouTube. Warner wants YouTube to take it down because YouTube is making money off of the video you made. Poor you. What a quandry?

I liked the interview of Anne M. Mulcahy, Xerox CEO. Never read of a HR person becoming CEO of company, especially something like Xerox.

Via Information Week -

It seems MAC hackers don't have anything better to do. They've cracked Safari. And the PC hackers have broken into Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox 3. The only unhacked one is Googgle Chrome.

Verizon Wireless ranks the highest in J.D. Powers Associates' wireless call quality study. Yippee, that's my carrier. Verizon better not stand on its laurels as the other carriers are nipping at it's butt. Don't make me change my service.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

This Year's Birthday

It was somewhat different from prior years.

What was the same... I got email messages or mass mail cards from the usual places. Celebrating it or not celebrating it with my siblings. They let me decide if I wanted to veg or not. They're good like that. This year I did not veg. Though I nearly did.

What was different... I got lots of BD wishes from my FBers. My texters sent me wishes via Twitter *LOL* I was also somewhat surprised at some companies that sent me email or card mailing.

There was a downer, but I'll wait until Monday to see if it should be a downer. Not everyone can be on time. Though I think it will continue to be a downer. People don't change.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Phoenix Memories

I worked in Phoenix about 17 years ago. When I returned back to the city last year, I did not remember it all. How could I not remember anything when I was here for about a year. I looked at maps to see if I would recognize streets and where I was 17 years ago. As I drove to Sedona last Saturday, I now know why. The area I'm in now, downtown Phoenix, I never saw 17 years ago because I would breeze right by it when traveling between the airport and my temporary lodging. You do not see very much at night coming in -- pick up car and get on the highway to get to your lodging.

As I was on this highway -- I-17 North to Sedona, memory after memory would surface up. I needed to see the exit signs and the various landmarks along the way to remember my time here long, long, long ago.

Crescent Hotel, now run by Sheraton, was one of the hotels I stayed at 17 years ago for my old company.

Fajitas -- one of many places my team ate at. I noticed that Rusty Pelican was no longer there; so sad. The Rusty Pelican had great desserts. We would order one of each. Each dessert was passed up and down the table for the whole group to partake. Hey, money was no object. Though I had the credit card, the company was paying it :D Each time we headed out to eat, we would choose someone as the birthday person.

The parking lot where a team member locked the keys in the rental car.

There was the housing complex that was our temporary lodging. Besides being the Project Manager, I was the "proprietor". We had 3 or 4 two bedroom apartments. I scheduled who was staying with whom as various members came in. I made sure the maid came in to clean and was paid. I even shopped at the wholesale club, my first introduction to one, BJ's, to stock the apartments.

Phoenix was why I finally had to learn to drive. On one of my earlier trips, I connected with a taxi driver who happen to be a snow bird from New York and volunteered to be my chauffeur for the trip. Once I discovered I would be spending more time in Phoenix and visiting other company sites, it was time to learn to drive so I could get around and save the company money.

The housing complex was the first place I had my first car accident -- one of two (I think) in my driving years. The foot thought it was hitting the brake, instead it was the gas, as I turned into the driveway. The tree was in my way. Of course, this happened on a weekend. Joe, one of my analysts, also happen to have stayed, too. He was great in helping me out. After filing with the rental agency, Joe took my mine off the accident. He and I went up to Sedona. He also introduced me to the Waffle House and a biker bar. I did not care for the biker bar.

Now I need to find time to locate the two office complexes that I worked in then. So many new buildings. Go visit the Phoenix Zoo again. Find a couple of other hotels I stayed at. Maybe a visit to Scottsdale where, at another team dinner, Joe asked for "placenta" (EWWWW) instead of "polenta". Don't think I'll hunt for Oaxaca which was in the middle of nowhere where I had my first taste of rattlesnake. Team pulled my leg in using my company card -- totally beyond our meal limit. They were fun times.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Weekend in Phoenix

Some people think my job is great because I get to travel to cities. Yes, the perks are good because I can build up for free hotel and free air travel, but I don't get to really see the city I go to. I don't get to play tourist unless I book time to do it. I get up early and work late to get my hours in for the week and then fly home.

I've been working in Phoenix for over a year. The most I've seen is what is between the hotel and my client's office. Last week, I needed to put in five days of work at the client site versus my usual four days. I still crammed a lot in the four days and felt okay leaving early on Friday. The hotel shuttle driver happen to mention there was a chinese cultural center north of the airport. So, off I went to go visit it.

The COFCO Chinese Cultural Center is not very big. I would say it was about two blocks by two blocks. They had a great garden in the front. In the back, there were some shops, restaurants and a big asian market. I think it was run by the same folks that do Ranch 99 that is found in Monterey Park, LA area. What I found neat about the market... They did something different in the seafood area than I'm use to. Yes, you pick sea food, they weigh it and they will clean it for you. Unlike other places that may steam it for you, this place did flash frying, It was neat. Click the Moon Gate image for more pictures I took.

On Saturday, I took a drive up to Sedona to see the red rocks up close and personal. I think I found all the ones that people generally take pictures of. Sedona has changed a lot since I last visited about 17 years ago. You can actually see the sprawl. One of the main roads in, Highway 179, was under major construction. They are working to expand it into a four lane highway I think. Instead of traffic lights, they have instituted traffic circles, aka roundabouts. Cars go round and round in a circle because they don't know when to exit. While the cars on the outside don't know how to get into the circle. I think we, New Jersey, have gotten rid of all of them except for one. Click the Rear View Mirror for other pictures I took.

Sunday was somewhat a day of rest. Nothing exciting. I did take a nap in the late afternoon :D

Friday, March 6, 2009

Quote from Archduchess Margaret of Austria

"Trust in those who offer you service and in the end you will soon find yourself in the ranks of those who have been deceived."

I came across the above quote on Sherrilyn Kenyon's Twitter. It connected with me. So off to the internet to find out it's origins. Google told me it's in
The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn: 'the Most Happy'
By Eric William Ives
Edition: 2, illustrated
Published by Blackwell Publishing, 2004
ISBN 0631234799, 9780631234791
458 pages

The quote is written by The Archduchess Margaret (Margaretha) of Austria (10 January 1480 – 1 December 1530) who was a Habsburg princess, the daughter of Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor and Mary of Burgundy.

Here's the original:
"Trust in those who offer you service,
And in the end, my maidens,
You will soon find yourself in the ranks of those
Who have been deceived."

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Women in Art

Beautiful compilation by Philip Scott Johnson (eggman913 on YouTube).

500 Years of Female Portraits in Western Art

Music: Bach's Sarabande from Suite for Solo Cello No. 1 in G Major, BWV 1007 performed by Yo-Yo Ma

Nominated as Most Creative Video, 2007 YouTube Awards

To see the individual art -- artist and painting -- in this compilation, visit 500 Years of Women in Western Art.

Thanks, Carolann, for sharing this with me.

Friday, February 27, 2009


Yes, I finally saw Wicked on February 10, 2009, at the Gershwin Theatre in New York City. I love musicals and this was one that I've always wanted to see. The problem is that Broadway has become very expensive entertainment for 2 hours -- tickets are over $110 -- because I will only sit in Orchestra and maybe Front Mezzanine.

My sister and I did try about four years ago for the lottery they hold before daily to get ticket for $26.25. We did not win.

My company is a member of an organization that gets us discount. They had discounted tickets to Wicked on and off, but it was never a time I would be in town. The stars aligned -- had $64 tickets and I was going to be working from home. Treated my sister and for SIL as an early birthday gift. I thought SIL would say no as she had seen it already. Nope, she wanted to go again.

Our seats were in the Orchestra, Right Side, Row S, Seats 2, 4 & 6. They were GREAT seats. As the curtain came down for the final time, I looked at my sis and SIL and said "I'm definitely seeing this again if the discount tickets pop up again." My sis said she's coming, too. SIL said the same. Me and my sis said she could not come until we catch up to her count *LOL*.

I've loaded some pics I took. Check them out here: Wicked. Yes, a union member friend has told me I should not have taken some of the ones I took. I was a very bad girl. I could not help myself. The phone was in my hand. As you can see, they are crappy.

If you want to check out the show, go to the official site here.

The Cast I saw: Elphaba - Nicole Parker; Glinda - Alli Mauzey; Madame Morrible - Jayne Houdyshell; The Wizard - PJ Benjamin; Fiyero - Aaron Tveit; Boq - Alex Brightman; Nessarose - Brynn O'Malley; Doctor Dillamond - Timothy Britten Parker.

Next show 'cause I got discount promotion: Cirque du Soleil's Kooza on April 24.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Where has the blank line between paragraphs gone?

I'm getting turned off from reading some people's blogs.

A big turnoff for me is a big blob of text that does not use paragraphs.

If you do use paragraphs and decide to left justify your paragraphs, put a blank line between the paragraphs -- hit the carriage return (or your Enter key) twice instead of once. Otherwise, you just have a big blob of text which equates to bypass, go to next blog.

Here's an alternative if you're too lazy to hit the carriage return twice, indent your paragraph -- hit the tab key or the spacebar consistent number of times -- to show that you are starting a new one. Of course, it most likely would not like you doing that as HTML gets rid of extra spaces or does not understand what a tab is.

Starting a new train of paragraph. New paragraph, hit the Enter Key twice.

Easy peasy. Keep your readership.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


When I visit the city -- anyone who lives outside Manhattan call it that -- I'm generally visiting my Mom in Chinatown. I drive my car and know where I can park for free on the streets or in a cheap parking garage--$10, can't beat that in the city. When I have to visit anywhere else in the city, I would park my car in Jersey and take the bus into Port Authority.

I got adventurous last year for a book launch at Border's in Columbus Circle and drove my car into the city. As it was my nephew's neighborhood, I asked him what the parking situation was up there. I got there, drove around for a bit and found a spot to park. As there was another book launch at the same place last week, I had no qualms about driving in a getting a spot.

Last year, when I attended NY Comic Con, I did my park and bus thing for two days and had my BIL transport me back and forth on Sunday as he drives to work on Sundays. This year, given my success with parking for the book launch, I wanted to drive my car into the city.

I did some homework on the internet to see if there were cheap parking garages around Jacob Javit Center and came across this brillant site -- PrimoSpot. It gives all the parking signage for the areas in Manhattan I'm interested in. I was able to find free parking on the street for all two of the days I spent in the city. The first day I parked and took the ferry across.

PrimoSpot kind of helped me out again when I went into the city this week to see Wicked. The spots I looked at were not free. As the parking spot I used for the book launch was midpoint between the theatre and the bookstore, I was able to find the same spot free.

In these times, gotta find a way to save the dollars for something else.

Note: NYC is constantly changing it parking regulations so PrimoSpot is good as people helping them keep up to date. Since NYC has starting using those dratted Muni-meters, they can change a block into paid parking very quickly. You have to paid the Muni-meter to get a parking slip to put into your car. City is gradually moving away from inidiviaul parking meter.

Opening Day

This is my first day on Blogger.

No, this is not the first time I've written a blog. I've been blogging for a several years. I just did it on MySpace. I've become unhappy with MySpace as there are advertisers there that are sneaky and not safe. I think I've gotten a couple of dangerous trojans from that site, and it has in the past driven my laptop bongers. I'll be keeping my MySpace account, but just to keep in touch with MySpace friends.

I'll be moving my MySpace Blogs over here. If I should ever want to get rid of my MySpace account, at least my blogs are over here.

To keep my MySpace friends who like to read them, I'll post a link back to here.

This will also enable me to post a link in Facebook and Twitter. Yep, I do those, too.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Going Graphical

Happy Friday the 13th -- the first of three to come.

It's been a while since my last blog. This month must be graphical one. I just attended New York's Comic con. I volunteered at Sherrilyn Kenyon's booth and ran up and down the aisles of the Exhibition Hall picking up loot for my brother, my nieces and nephews and a peer. Yes, I got some goodies, too. Many of the publishing houses had a presence and were giving out free books. Gotta love FREE. You can check out the minimal pics I took here: NY Comic Con 2009.

In order to capture a new audience, many authors have had their novels retold in graphical form. Christine Feehan had one of her short stories depicted into a manga -- Dark Hunger. Marvel Comics is releasing Sherrilyn Kenyon's Lord of Avalon in comic form. Sword of Darkness was done last year, and Knight of Darkness, Issue #4 will be released in two weeks. Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake series is also in comic form by Marvel. They are up to the Laughing Corpse. In late April/early May, we get to look forward to Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunter series come out in Japanese manga form. It's being produced by Dabel Bros and distributed by St. Martin's Press. The DH Manga will start with Night Pleasures, Kyrian and Amanda's story. Though we will only get the first half of the novel in April/May and have to wait until September to get the other half. Keep an eye out for it at your local book and comic store. If you're interested in seeing sample of pages, you can check them out in Sherrilyn Kenyon's DH Manga Picture Album.

Dabel Brothers is a very interesting company. They have taken many well-known authors in the science fiction/fantasy arena and retold their stories in graphical form. The company has had its ups and downs. Due to a breakup from Marvel Entertainment, they've lost the rights to Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake Vampire Hunter, George RR Martin's Hedge Knight, Orson Scott Card's Tales of Alvin Maker and Wyrms, Raymond Feist's Magician Apprentice, and Kinley Macgregors' (aka Sherrilyn Kenyon) Lords of Avalon. They are back with Jim Butcher's Dresden Files, Patricia Briggs' Mercedes Thompson, Dean Koontz's Frankenstein, George RR Martin's Wild Cards, Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time and the newest one, The Warriors. I love the movie.

However, this author is different. Marjorie M. Liu does not have any of her novels going graphical. Instead, she writes for Marvel Entertainment. She has written a novel called X-Men: Dark Mirror. I recently was able to obtain a copy. Marjorie will be finishing up the Marvel series NYX: No Way Home this week. Announced this week at NY Comic Con, Marjorie will continue working with Marvel on a new series Dark Wolverine. Go Marjorie!!! And, Marjorie continues with her Dirk & Steele series and her new series Hunter Kiss.