Friday, October 31, 2008

Apps -- Begone

I don't participate in many apps. I've been getting new invites and have been rejecting them. Of the ones I do have, I will be removing the PETS (you know -- Own Your Friends) app.

This has happen to me twice and I don't need it happening a third time.

What happened? When I exit MySpace, and this is just when I've finished playing with the Pets app, the computer goes wackers where it keeps opening up new MySpace windows. It won't stop unless I can catch it to power down my computer. I had it at a point where it opened up 29 new MySpace windows *arggghhhh*!

I don't know what it is and I don't play like that. For all I know, it may not be the app but one of the darn ads that are all over the place to pay for this place so it remains free.

Some people don't have anything better to do than make your computer go bonkers.

Maybe my workplace has the right idea to ban access to certain things.

And if it's not the Pets app, then I will get rid of all apps. MySpace will be kept to just keep up with my friends. I'll play on FaceBook instead. So far, it's not done me wrong.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Oh, this is a good one. Nearly forgot this one.

I'm going cruising with two of my sisters. Well, one of them calls me yesterday and asks "Can you change my return ticket to go to Washington DC instead?". I wasn't thrilled but was going to look into this for her.

No, I don't pick up the phone. I rather go on the website and do my own research. It will go quicker that way. I get all my facts and can perform a bunch of what ifs. If the web won't let me do the final change, then I'll pick up the phone.

So, I go on the website to see how much it would cost to go from Orlando to Washington DC... $89 was the lowest fare. None of them were direct flights. Guess where the connection is. Yep, Newark, my home airport. Yes, you're thinking the same as me. How much would it be to fly from Newark to Washington DC? It was........ $289. That is only one way. Go figure!?!?! It's true. Location... Location... Location... makes all the difference.

In the end, I told me sister it's not worth making the change as we have non-refundable tickets and, at the get go, would cost her $100 change fee besides the difference in fare. I told her I'll take her to the train station and she can catch the Amtrak down... $90.00. She can decompress quietly after spending 5 days with two siblings

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Internet Side Trip

Well, I got side tracked from my so-so normal routine. You know how you head off to do one thing and on your way there you see something else you think you can do quickly and so on and so on. And in the end, you wind up getting nothing accomplished. It's early in the day yet, so I cannot say if the day is a bust.

But this side trip I took today showed me something new. And I think it's cool.

The flat screen TVs you can hang on the wall (though still too pricey for me yet, plus I don't need a new TV yet) is the way of the future. If you don't want to watch TV, you can have it show a picture and most likely a changing picture at that. It's like artwork hanging on your wall. If it's framed properly, no one would know it was a television.

On a smaller scale, I discovered digital picture frames today. Yeah, you might know about them, but this is the first time I came across them. My daily InfoWeek subscription talked about 19" inch monitors. I went to Cheapstingybargains to see if there were any deals on them and came across a Linens'n Things 25% off total order coupon. Can't let a deal go so I went to Linens'n Things to see what I could possibly buy. As I was surfing their site, I came across the Digital Picture Frames. Those are so cool. Pricey, but still nifty.

I remember several years ago I was looking for a photo album frame thingy so I can quickly change the photos I have on display. This was mainly for the many cute pictures of my niece that her mommy took of her. She was such a ham. Well, the cutey is not so cute 6 years later :)

Gotta keep my eye out this digital picture frame. Really cool idea. Nope, not buying one today, but can see one in my future. And, I've stopped my hunt through Linens'n Things as I need to get back to work. Maybe I'll go there later.

Now back to my so-so schedule.