Sunday, June 14, 2009

Why I Go To Weddings?

My friend from across the big pond, Julia, shared this with me. I needed to share it, too.

I've not been to many weddings so I don't have any mishaps to relay.

What funny things have you seen or been part of at a wedding?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Digital TV - Part 2

I was reading this article: Millions Left Behind as TV Goes Digital
I guess the analog airwaves really went dark. I would not know as all TVs I'm watching now is hooked up to cable.

How does one communicate to the millions to let them know what's coming and what needs to be done?

I know the news stations have been repeating this story many times. I generally don't watch the news when I'm local. It's a different story when I'm traveling. So, if many are like me when I'm local, this communication did not work.

I know the newspapers talk about it. Yep, when I'm local, I don't read the newspaper. So, this communication does not work either.

The one thing I don't remember seeing is a commercial about the digital converters. Instead I saw cable companies tooting their service is required when digital TV comes. If you had money, wouldn't you be a cable subscriber? There is a reason for why you're on free TV -- either no money or just don't like cable. Plus, it does not help when some are in the boonies where there is no cable service.

I don't remember if this was done or not. Should not the government who required the conversion to digital put out a commercial announcing what needs to be done? The commercial would run between programs.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Digital TV

Tomorrow is it. Are you ready? Analog television goes away.

I don't have anything to worry about. I have cable. However, I did buy two converters with the $40 coupon cards the government supplied. I was curious to see what stations I would get over the airways.

Until recently, all my televisions were still analog ones. The main one had to be replaced as it must have known that it's analog days were numbered and decided to go whack-o. So, I put it out of it's misery and bought a new one.

I decided to try the converter on my oldest television. This was the first one I bought over 26 years ago, RCA 19-inch. I don't think it's the TV but the antenna I used and the placement of the TV which was in the basement. I was unable to get any of the local stations. I did get some interesting ones. When I have more time, I'll hijack a home-made antenna from my brother to see if I get better results.

As I was discussing my station findings with my brother, he explained the downstream impact to our analog video equipment -- DVR and VHS machine. If you're hooked up to a converter, you can only record one station and that is the station that is set on the converter. The channels on the video recorder machines are worthless. The converter is what controls what is recorded. You cannot watch one station and record another. This made us wonder how many DTV converter people understood this. WOW! What a way to kill analog video recording equipment. For those that understood this, there are a couple of DTV converters out there that will save your video recording equipment. Don't remember what they are but my brother found it and I recently read about them in Consumer Reports.

I also discovered that I might need to use the converters as the cable company is moving some of the premium stations to digital. This requires an adapter from the cable company and they only provide 3 for free. Yes, I have more than 3 TVs. The only rooms that do not have a set are the bathrooms :) I paid the cable company enough and do not see why they should get anymore from them. I cannot wait until FIOS gets here so I have a choice.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Air Travel - Pet Peeve

Please put your luggage by where you sit; not in front of the plane. I feel for the poor souls who have not boarded yet and wind up putting their luggage in the back. I know how the poor souls feel as this happens to me when first class upgrade is given after I've boarded and settled in my coach seat.

I don't like it when the flight crew put their carry-on in the section reserved for elite traveler.

Passengers seated behind you who will not let you deplane because they just have to get off. Wait your turn, please.