Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bad Travel Day

Well, I did not get far. Started and ended in the same place -- home.

U.S.careways' automated system called me earlier to tell me my flight will be delayed by 97 minutes. So I change my car service to pick me up an hour later. Car arrives on time and drops me at the terminal. Lo and behold, I go up to the monitors to check my flight. The words that is dreaded by all is there -- CANCELLED.

Now why couldn't U.S.careways call me to tell me my flight was cancelled *ARGHHHHH*

I call my Travel Service, am on hold for 20 minutes only to find out that they cannot help me. No flights available until late tomorrow or Tuesday.

I tried calling my hotel to let them know that I will not be arriving today, but all I'm getting is a busy signal.

I called my car service and they were able to send me a car in 5 minutes. Blew me away as I lucked out that several cars were there already waiting but it seems those flights were cancelled, too. :D

I got home and called U.S.careways to wait for 10 minutes. No good news. They reiterated what my travel agent said, first available is the last connecting flight to arrive at 1:30am Tuesday morning. Why could they not be like Continental who does automatic rebooking? If you don't like what they did, you can change it. Maybe it's because I have status. I got no status with U.S.careways.

I finally had to call the hotel reservation number to get them to change. I did inform them that they need to call the hotel directly as it still has a busy signal -- either the phone is off the hook or someone is talking for a long time.

Guess, I'll need to talk to my boss tomorrow to see if I should just work from home as a two day work week expense does not seem right. Just being fiscally responsible to client and company budget.

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