Saturday, June 13, 2009

Digital TV - Part 2

I was reading this article: Millions Left Behind as TV Goes Digital
I guess the analog airwaves really went dark. I would not know as all TVs I'm watching now is hooked up to cable.

How does one communicate to the millions to let them know what's coming and what needs to be done?

I know the news stations have been repeating this story many times. I generally don't watch the news when I'm local. It's a different story when I'm traveling. So, if many are like me when I'm local, this communication did not work.

I know the newspapers talk about it. Yep, when I'm local, I don't read the newspaper. So, this communication does not work either.

The one thing I don't remember seeing is a commercial about the digital converters. Instead I saw cable companies tooting their service is required when digital TV comes. If you had money, wouldn't you be a cable subscriber? There is a reason for why you're on free TV -- either no money or just don't like cable. Plus, it does not help when some are in the boonies where there is no cable service.

I don't remember if this was done or not. Should not the government who required the conversion to digital put out a commercial announcing what needs to be done? The commercial would run between programs.

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