Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Introducing My HD to My PS3

Well, my PS3 snubbed my new 1TB hard drive. I really wanted them to play nice with each other after I loaded many movies onto the hard drive.

Once I discovered I could turn my laptop into a Media Server my PS3 recognized, I jumped for joy. However, this would have been too much for Pointy to navigate. Start up the software on my laptop. Turn on PS3. Go find the laptop media server. Go find the correct directories/folders. Plus, I later discovered that sometimes there is a delay in transmission since I relocated the laptop to another floor.

There had to be a simpler solution for her as I no longer wanted to burned DVDs.

A harddrive!!!

The PS3 has a USB port that would accept an external harddrive. After some digging, my PS3 will only play nice with drives that are FAT32. PC hard drives out of a box are NTSC.


Yes, your computer will format a drive to FAT32 but only up to 32 gigs. I did not want to put any partitions on my HD. I needed mine to be the whole 1 TB. We all know Google is our friend. I searched and searched many sites until I finally found what I was looking for -- Formatting to FAT32 Tool. Yeah!!!

I downloaded the tool. Re-formatted my 1TB hard drive (stoopid PS3) and reloaded all the videos.

Now, Pointy is a happy camper as I've now become her VCR/TiVO. I find the programs she watches and make sure I put it onto the HD for her.

I did teach her something new but don't think it's made a permanent home in her brain yet. If the PS3 does not want to play nice with the HD (yes, sometimes the PS3 doesn't like the video formats), she can hook her laptop to the telly via 9-foot HDMI cable and plug the HD into her laptop. I've only shown this to her once. Let's see if she remembers or will she suffer quietly when she can't watch her programs ;) Or, even think of just watching the stuff on the HD on her laptop.

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