Saturday, February 10, 2007

*wahoo* Yes, I'm happy I don't have to work at home anymore. My year-long sentence is over. I miss the routine that I got into for 8 years.

I get to hop on a plane at the beginning of the week to go to my 40 hours of work in four days...then hop back onto a plane Thursday for home. I get to sleep in a hotel room where a maid tidies it up each day If I'm lucky, breakfast is served free at the hotel. Cross my fingers for free wireless. What's great about this is that the client pays for all my travel expenses. I get to add to my frequent flyer miles. Maybe or maybe not add to my hotel points.

In the wee hours of this Monday, I head down to Jacksonville, Florida. This will give me a sense of whether I want to do a schedule like this until the middle of April. Or do I want to fly in Sunday afternoon so I can unwind and be ready for work the next day? Monday fly, worry about getting up in time and airport hassles. Sunday, less stressful but lose 1/2 day at home.

Depending when I fly, I can get a three-day weekend. Otherwise, it's a 2 1/2 day weekend. I don't always fly home. I've been able to do side trips at the client's expenses as long as it does not cost more than flying me home.

This assignment is ideal as I'm planning a side trip already Sherrilyn Kenyon and Mary Stella will be in Miami on Feb 24 for a book signing. Good time to drag some books down to be signed. I can do Animal Kingdom (Walt Disney World, Orlando) on Friday and then head down to Miami on Saturday. Sunday will be used to drive back up to Jacksonville for work on Monday. I have a pass already for Animal Kingdom and should be able to use hotel points for Friday and Saturday.

Yeah, sounds like a plan. Gotta work it out. *crossing fingers that this comes to fruition*

Oh, and my sister is happy, too. She gets the place to herself again. Though she did ask who was going to make her steak now

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