Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Cold & Flying

It's been awhile since I last blogged. Here's are somethings that have been bottled up.

Cold... not the temperature one but the sickie one. I was down for the count last week even though I caught it the week prior to it. Knew I was coming down with something -- sore throat and sniffles before going to bed. Maybe if I took meds before going to bed it would not still be hanging around -- 2 weeks later. I went to a doctor for the first time in a very very very very long time. She said I had to just suffer through it with more OTC meds. No special meds from her. DRAT!!!

Flying... well so far airline for flying me home is batting zero. I enjoy listening to all the moans, groans and gripes from the passengers when they discover the plane has been delayed *VBG*. Why do these people insist it's the airline that is causing the delay. Why don't they understand it's not the airlines fault that they cannot take off. The Air Traffic Controllers are the conductors of the show. Plus the flight is during rush hour. Air traffic in the NYC area (5 airports -- 3 big ones and three small ones) during the afternoon rush hour is at a premium. There was this one week the ATC slowed it down a lot -- like two hours -- because of high winds and snow. Everyone who knew someone in NYC area called to find out what the weather was there. Of course, there was nothing at people level. Tis dry or just sprinkling and barely any wind. Guess what, when we started our descent into the area airport, there was vertical snow. Must have been some wind that the snow was going vertical. When we landed, there was not a spec of any of that weather anywhere.

And another thing... flying with a cold is not good. The ears definitely do not like landing. OWWW! The first week after flying home, the left ear felt stuffed and everything sounded like it was in a tunnel. I'm sure I missed hearing things that were not in my tunnel sound range. It needed to pop and did not until over a week later when I had to fly out again. I thought everything would be great because my doctor suggested I take Sudafed before my flight. I did and still had some sniffles and sore throat. Ears popped like crazy taking off. Different story when it came down to landing. Both ears did not pop until I woke up the next day.

I wish my cold would go away. It's become old and tiring.

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