Monday, August 27, 2007

Kidnapped Pointy's Laptop

Yes, I really did kidnap Pointy's Laptop. I had to. My laptop which I desparately need for work was not coming back to me until midmorning Tuesday. *argh darn PM* gave me deadlines that I had to meet over the weekend and next couple of days. I could not afford to wait for my laptop to return.

You know. Pointy would still have a laptop this week (yes, it's with me until I return on Thursday) if they would just give me a new laptop. I would have gotten it back on Saturday. But no, I'm getting the same model I've had for the last three years. They have all the parts and just need to put something together. IT Docs had no problem moving my stuff to new harddrive with new software. *LOL* they got stumped by the wireless hardware. All the IT staff could not figure out why the wireless did not want to play in the same park.

I was crossing my fingers that they would not figure it out today and have to give me a brand new laptop. Alas, I got the call that my "new" old laptop is coming back to me via Priority Overnight.

And I'm typing this on the kidnapped laptop. *LOL* Thank goodness Pointy is so understanding. I spoke to her before stuffing it in the bag and we wondered what she use to do each night when she did not have one. *scratching our heads* don't know.

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