Thursday, August 2, 2007

Sin, Sin, Sin

I read a blog from the author Mary Stella who said you get higher traffic on your blog if you talk about Sin. Wait second... rewind... now that I think about it. It's sex and not sin.

This is a very good time to talk about Sin. The Dark-Hunter named Sin that is. I can't wait until his book comes out -- 5 more days. Tuesday, August 7 cannot get here fast enough.

....and I get to meet Sin's creator *keeping my fingers crossed* Sherrilyn Kenyon Tuesday night. She will be autographing Sin's book, Devil May Cry at Menlo Park Mall in Woodbridge, New Jersey.

I've dedicated my MySpace Profile layout to Sin. Don't you just love that mug. If you interested in getting a similar MySpace layout, you can go to this page. I've put together a MySpace layout for Sin.


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