Saturday, December 1, 2007


The family, 12 adults and kids, went to see Wintuk by Cirque du Soleil at Madison Square Garden in New York City. No, there's no big blue/yellow big top in NYC nor inside Madison Square Garden. Like CdS shows in Las Vegas, there's a theatre environment for this show. This is the first year and supposedly it will come back each winter.

The show is about a little boy who wants to see snow. Until the boy gets his wish, we see bikers do unexpected feats, roller skaters, juggling complexity with 7 pink balls, huge puppets, not your day-to-day hula hooping, jump rope, rag doll, two acrobats with silver bouncy balls, two ladies with aerial rope, group with flexible poles, tight (not really tight) rope act and other acts. Besides the boy getting his snow wish, the audience did to.

Even though I missed the first 10 minutes (unexpected traffic problems and Mom was running late) and based on all the other CdS shows I've had to pleasure to see, this was my least favorite. The kids and the adults that have not seen a CdS show enjoyed it. This was more for the kids than the adults.

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