Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Guy Konked His Head

My fellow lift rider misjudged the glass elevator *LOL*. It’s a great view once it leaves the interior of the hotel. It was a good sounding konk, too. His excuse was that he was looking at the wrong window. Right!?! There was no other window. The glass elevator was it.

I had a wide grin as I got off my floor and headed to my room. His konk reminded me off other occurences...

My ex-BIL put butterfly decals on his glass terrace doors. His friend ducked to avoid the butterflies *LOL* I think friend might have had too many beers.

I had my terrace doors open and only the screen door in place. My sis thought she could walk through the screen. *idjit* The one who has more degrees than what she knows to do with it.

Then Windex, the glass cleaner, has commercials where birds and humans trick each other *LOL*

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