Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fridge is Home

It’s Finally Done!

I wrote this to a friend on June 16, 2006...

"Well, I woke to a puddle of water in front of my refrigerator (aka fridge) on Wednesday. I sopped up the water, struggle to pull the fridge out to get to the water line so I can turn it off. Oh, boy, was it yicky back there. Floating dust bunnies in another pool of water. When you touch them or rope them together, they become those disgusting black yicky balls. Total yuck. Yes, I don’t pull the fridge out to clean like a good caretaker should. I tried shutting of the water line, but the fridge persisted in leaking at the water line that goes into the fridge at the top. Went down to my basement to get some tools and noticed that the water has leaked down to some of the basement ceiling drywall. So I had to called my brother to help save me. He could not come until the next day. So I had to somehow set something up to redirect the drip into a pan instead of dripping into the fridge then on to the floor. That was fun. I missed one overflow and had to sop up the water again. I HATE WATER. Woke up the next day to sop up more water. I could not deal with the drip anymore, so decided to unplug the damn thing. Thank goodness I had cooler to put the frozen stuff in until my brother shows up to help. Open the freezer door and see icicles and ice all over the stuff...note I have a frost free freezer (no need to defrost it at all because there is no ice). Definitely now to unplug as all the ice needs to melt. Ice formed behind the ice maker. Never buy a fridge with automatic ice maker...just asking for trouble. Brother showed up and told me shut off valve needed another good twist to turn off the water. He was going to replace the filter on the water line and told him not to because I was never going to use the ice maker again. I’m going to use the space for more storage. Fridge is working okay now, but I cannot move it back in until I replace the wall molding because it is all rotted. I want to get rid of it incase it turns into mold...big YICK."

On Monday, March 24, 2008, the fridge is finally back in it’s place.

Since the water incident, it’s been kind of sitting in the middle of the kitchen. We’ve not been able to use the entrance between the kitchen and the dining all this time. I’ve been getting a draft in my back everytime I sit at the dining table.

I had to replace the molding before moving the fridge back in. Yes, I did not have, too, but I would have known it was unfinished behind the fridge. This "Honey To Do" item has involved many trips to the Home Depot for molding and tools. It’s not my best work as I got upset with it in the end because one of the walls was slightly bowwed out. This did not permit the molding to line flat against the wall so it could be nailed. BAH!!!! I was going to paint as two pieces needed it. BAH!!! Forget about it. The fridge is going back in.

Pointy’s comment, "Feeling okay? Is it because you got older? Oh you left the terrace door open. No wonder it’s cold in here." Darn. I thought I was good in locking up.

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