Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Day

I did not go to the Macy*s Thanksgiving Parade this year. It was a bit too cold to stake out a spot for 2+ hours. It was great sleeping late. Though my brother woke me up at 9 with some Black Friday shopping news and a request for me to be a dutiful daughter.

Got lots of buzzing from my phone all wishing Happy Thanksgiving. They sure love texting. Thank goodness I purchase a text plan or they will continue to cost me a pretty penny -- 20-25 cents a message. I'm definitely thankful for the friendships I have and have made this year. They know how to put a smile on my face.

All of us, 17, gathered together two weeks ago to celebrate Thanksgiving. I and Pointy was going to spend the day at home. Mom would be by herself. I decided this one time to be dutiful (I guess it can't always be about me) and dragged Pointy down to Mom's with me. My brother was so proud of me as I rang him to be sure he did not go. If he did, I was not going to. Gotta figure out what he can do for us as pay back. Just kidding. We got lunch and surprised Mom. She was sleeping in, too :D Now you know where the daughters have learned to sleep in. Though Pointy got up in time to watch the parade on telly.

We brought in lunch and watched WANTED with Mom. She, like us, love action movies.

A large coffee in Chinatown is smaller than a large Starbuck/Dunkin Donuts/McDonald coffee. And nearly costs as much. Got some Chinese buns for the next couple of days -- baked roast pork, custard, and others

As I was driving home, it gave Pointy and I time to shoot the breeze, especially waiting to get into the tunnel for New Jersey. At home, we generally do our own thing which is usually in front of our own laptops and tellies.

I told her a story of a TSA and a consultant. The consultant, not I, forgot his passport and driver's license at home. He needed to provide some form of ID before the TSA would let hiim pass through airport security. He took out his client ID and the TSA accepted it -- both ways which mean there are two idiotic TSAs. Why idiotic? The ID has his picture, "Government Contractor" and his name. No where does it say what government he works for. No government logo. Nothing. Anyone can produce this ID on a printer and laminate it.

Pointy figured out correctly that the Florida car in front us did not really want to go to New Jersey. Poor person. He had to pull over as soon as it got out of the tunnel. Hope he got the help he needs to get where he needs to go.

We dropped by KMart. All the buy game get one free were gone. Breezed through the store and came out with nothing.

Nope, not doing the Black Friday shopping. I'm sleeping in again :D and catching up on my work backlog :( and laundry -- though not 6 months worth ;)

HAPPY THANKSGIVING however you spent it!

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