Saturday, November 8, 2008

Election Day

I was in a different time zone this year. I felt for the voters in the Mountain and Pacific time zones -- also Hawaii and Alaska. They called the winner for the President at about 9:00pm Mountain. The polls had just closed or had a couple of more hours in the other zones.

How does it make you feel to find out your vote is not going to count when the winner has been declared? I think this is unfair and would turn you off from voting. I never felt that way as I was always in the first time zone (Eastern) and wanted to know who it would be when I went to bed. Well, I got the chance to be in others "shoes". It does not feel good. It also does not make me regret not voting. I had good intentions to do it this year, but I was late in everything.

For the Presidential election, I think the news need to hold off until all the polls have closed for all the states.

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