Friday, July 3, 2009

Webdesigner Depot

I found a new website that gathers some great artwork from the worldwide web. It's the Webdesigner Depot. Besides the artwork they find, "Webdesigner Depot is an exciting new platform designed to explore different web and graphic design techniques, great examples and best practices." I've added them to my Google Reader Service so I will always know when they've posted something new. I dabble, but I might go into web design one of these days.

Here are some of their art collections.

Do you love the designs baristas top your favorite coffee? Check these out - 50 Beautifully Delicious Coffees. Since I've always have my coffee to go, I've never had the opportunity to see a talented barista at work. Have you?

Did you know you can do a bit more with your panoramic pictures? Look at these 50 Dazzling Examples of Polor Panorama Photography. Are you now tempted to try this yourself? I will when I find more than one spare moment. Otherwise, it gets added to my growing list of things I want to try when I retire.

Last week, we lost one of our greatest musician, Michel Jackson. See how some artists paid homage to the King of Rock. They are beautiful pictures. I'm glad we will always have Micheal's music and music videos to keep his memory alive. I was blessed to be able to see him in concern twice. Both times were GREAT!!!

What sites do you check out periodically for art?

Picture credits: Webdesigner Depot

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