Monday, April 5, 2010

iPad as an Ebook Reader

I was waiting for reviews about iPad, especially as an ebook reader device. After reading what these folks have to say, iPad will not be in my future.

Will Apple's iBookstore be Publishing's Waterloo
The iPad: A Hella Long Journal and Review
10 hours with the iPad: Why the iPad Is Not a Kindle Killer

I'm happy with the equipment I have now. The iPad, Kindle, Nook or Sony eReader does not offer me anything I need beyond what I have now. As I like traveling real light, my Palm Centro is my ebook reader device of choice. I am currently researching a possible replacement for the Palm Centro as there are new phone choices out there.

What are your thoughts about the iPad? Is it in your future?


  1. It's in mine. I went to the Apple store today and fell in love. I'll just wait a few months to see if the price drops a bit.

  2. There are so many new toys out there I would love to have but without the need I will let them pass. Besides, I'm getting tired of buying the new, latest gadget only to have a newer, better, cheaper one come out a few months or weeks later.