Sunday, April 4, 2010

Movie Marathon

It's been a wonderful weekend. The house was all mine. I don't get the place to myself very often. I decided it was going to be movie weekend. I also had a hankering for fish filet since I saw the commercial last month and the promotion was going to end on Sunday.

I started my movie marathon not with a movie but a series I needed to finish as I've kept my friend's DVDs long enough. I finished Dexter Season 1 two months ago. I cut work early on Friday and plopped Dexter Season 2 into the player. I stopped about 4am at Season 3 disk one after 3 episodes.

I didn't ask for one, but my brother gave me a wake up call at 10:30am. As it was a bit too early for filet of fish, I cleaned my bedroom a bit and a quick vacuum, an hour's worth.

Destination: McDonald's for two Filet of Fish and a large chocolate milkshake. Yummmmm.I don't know why, but I should get out of the house more often. It was warm enough for me to drive with the windows down and I was only in a t-shirt. I loved my drive to McDonald's. The roofers were banging away on some of the roofs in my section. I guess others had leaks besides moi. Kids were out. Walkers were walking. Dog walkers were following their dogs. Golfers walking the many greens in the neighborhood. Forsythias, everywhere, were a beautiful yellow. I even saw daffodils here and there. Soon, the landscaper will be putting blooms around the section markers. Spring is surely here!

After yummm lunch, I continued my Saturday movie marathon finishing up Dexter Season 3, 2012 and Precious. I got an early night -- 2 am :)

8:30am Sunday. Why am I up this early? I thought I would take a bathroom break and jump back into bed. Not. I headed out to McDonald's and got me a Egg McMuffin, Hash Brown and coffee :)

I wanted to continue my movie marathon, but my DVD player did not want to work. Instead I hopped on the internet to catch up on the past two days. I also put in a load of laundry which was created from my quick cleaning yesterday. Idiot me finally figured out what's wrong with the DVD player. In computerese, I had a picnic -- problem in chair not in computer. I needed to hit the "PLAY" button; I took for granted the autoplay of a new disk. Woot! Next up was Hurt Locker, Law Abiding Citizen, Where the Wild Things Are, and New Moon (background movie really while doing other stuff).

Since my sis was not here, I had to water the plants, take care of the recycling/garbage and wash the dishes in the sink.

I didn't just watch the boob tube all weekend. Alexis Morgan's DEFEAT THE DARKNESS and Joss Whelan's BEYOND THE NIGHT kept me company during movie breaks. Hopefully, I'll finish these books this week. I did find a craft project that I could do while watching my movies. Just need to sew a seam to complete it. It could possibly be the first project I completed in I don't know how many years.

Movie recap...

Dexter: I'll have to place a Netflix order to catch up on the rest of the Dexter seasons. No, I do not subscribe to the premium movie stations.

2012: Do you think the heads of states have a plan for Dec 21, 2012?

Precious: YOU decide what you want to make of your life. Go, Precious! I might look for Sapphire's PUSH next time I'm at the library.

Hurt Locker: Don't know why we're still over there if we're not wanted.

Law Abiding Citizen: I knew Gerard Butler was in the movie but did not know he was the "bad" guy. He plays a good one.

Ninja Assassin: All that flying blood and body parts.

Where the Wild Things Are: Imaginary friends can help you figure things out. I'm going to do a quick read of this next time I'm at the library or bookstore.

New Moon: The wolves have better bods than the vamps. Alice: "As soon as you put the dog out." Did you ever noticed that Bella never really looks at Edward when she talks to him, especially the scene where she stops Edward?

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