Monday, May 17, 2010

Computer & Electronics Recycling

My county had a Computer & Electronics Recycling Day on Saturday. I knew I had a 36" TV to get rid of. I'm sure there were other things that could be recycled. A hunting I went around the house.

The HP Laserjet III that just takes up room as it's never been hooked up since I moved in had to go. I'm spending more time in my office and need that space for something else.

There was the VHS machine which had a tape stuck in it. I tried getting it out and gave up. Pointy's BF got it out, but it was still broken. Recyle!

I found my very first cell phone. Here are all the cell phones I've own.

The far left one will go to recycle center. The next three plus Pointy's cell phones will get mailed to a facility that will re-purpose the phones for military use. The last one is my new phone, Droid Incredible, to replace my Palm, next one over. I've not decided what I will do with my Palm yet.

Pointy's BF helped me moved the TV into the car. For the life of me, I can't remember how I got that heavy sucker into the Ikea entertainment cabinet. The rest of the equipment got loaded and away we went.

The County had a great set up. Lots of guys there that unloaded all the items out of the car for you. We did not have to step out and help at all. I guess it only made sense so we don't sue them for hurting ourselves there. The unload team took the items to the appropriate area where another team organized, packed and loaded them into the trucks. The town police were out to direct traffic. The flashing lights were a good idea. It told me I went to the right place.

We even got a reuseable shopping bag for participating in this event. That's a nickel for each bag we use for our groceries.

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