Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'm Actually Ready

Yes, I'm really ready to let everyone know.

I'm ready to share this life altering event. It's a crazy one.

It's not a leave of absence. I am

     re·tired /riˈtīī(ə)rd/ Adjective
     1. Having left one's job and ceased to work.

Yes, I quit my job last November. My company never wanted to put me on the layoff list, so I quit. They weren't even nice enough to say I didn't have to work my two weeks notice; we'll just pay you.

Ahhhhh! Retirement! at least until the money runs out *LOL*


  1. ((((Jusy)))) Happy Retirement! (won't get into how shameful I think your ex-employer treated you after all your years of hard work and dedication) So what is this lady of leisure doing with herself?

    Love you,
    Jacs xx

    p.s. tried to post w/ my google account but wouldn't let me

  2. If you got it, flaunt it! As frugal as you are I'm sure you'll be retired for a good, long time. Enjoy!