Thursday, June 23, 2011

Crazy One

I mention "Crazy one" in yesterday's blog. This brought back a great, funny memory :)

When I was young, my parents and older siblings would refer to me as the "crazy person" in Chinese. No, don't ask me why. I don't know why. I might one day ask my older sister why. I don't recall ever being called that when they were speaking to me or needed my attention. They called me by my English name.

I must have really been young to have done this. You know. You hear it constantly, and this must be the way.

My aunt called one day and I answered the phone. She asked who she was speaking to. Yes, you guessed it. I told her "crazy person". Well, I think I shocked her because she was quiet. Or else, she covered the phone so she could laugh. Of course, the family cracked up.

I don't remember whether it was my aunt or family told me how to respond in the future. The correct answer is either my Chinese or English name.

*big smile, teary eyes* That's a good fun memory.

Oh, the only person who was actually called by his Chinese nickname was my 2nd brother during our youth. He was called "dog". His wife found out this tidbit a month or two ago *LOL*

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