Monday, November 14, 2011


One year ago this past Saturday, I was sitting in my home office finishing up the last of my conference calls and office emails. Yep, the last and final ones. No more conference calls. No more office emails. No more rolling out of bed and stroll/crawl into home office. I packed up the office laptop and shipped it back to that big laptop closet in Alpharetta the following week.

I had a list of to-do's for the year. I'm not sorry to say that I don't think I did any of them *LOL* I still have lots of time to do 'em, and the world will not fall apart if they are not done now. I'll get to them, one of these days.

It was a good year. I still made my Disney trips :) I was able to meet friends face-to-face that I've not seen for years! Those were the great times.

Enjoying life :)

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