Friday, July 29, 2011

Good Reads

It was a week with a few of my favorite authors.

When was the last time you read a story by Johanna Lindsey? It's been quite sometime since I read a "historical" romance. I think I've been reading too many paranormal and "erotic" romances. I had a great time visiting with Johanna again as she spun her tale -- WHEN PASSION RULES. It's about a princess who was stolen when she was just a babe, trying to take her rightful place in a fictious monarchy and her budding romance with her knight in uniform. No, there were no Mallories in this story. It's a totally standalone story.

After Johanna, I moved into the present. I spent some time with Catherine Coulter's Dillon and Sherlock -- SPLIT SECOND. I always like catching up with them, their son, Max and their top-notch team of agents. I think Dillon was playing matchmaker as the fuse between Lucy and Cooper slowly got lit. The novel had three cases for these agents to handle -- venti, grande and tall (never understood why Starbucks couldn't stick with Large, Medium, Regular/Small). For the main case, Catherine created a killer that was related to a famous dead real-life serial killer. Who knew this infamous killer had a progeny? It was fun riding along. Find out how Lucy ensures we can continue to spend time with Dillon in future books -- keeping my fingers that Catherine Coulter continues this series.

I just finished the 2nd book of Iris Johansen's Eve Duncan trilogy -- QUINN. Iris has been writing about Eve, Bonnie and Joe for many years. Eve developed a unique talent. When a skull is found and there's no matching DNA to tell who it is, Eve can build up a face from the skull. Iris is wrapping this series up with the final three books -- the three main characters that span all the books: Eve, Joe Quinn and Eve's daughter Bonnie. I guess I should have waited until BONNIE comes out (Oct 2011) before reading EVE (several months ago) and QUINN. Both EVE and QUINN end with cliff hangers. I couldn't help myself. It was out, and I had to read it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we get a great ending with BONNIE. It's good that I have a ton of books I can read while waiting for it. Wonder what Iris is going to do after this? Will she continue to write with her son? Those are good reads, too.

What books have you read in the last week or two?

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  1. Mm, it has possibly been 2 maybe 3 years since I read a Johanna Lindsey. She was either the first or second author I had to have all her books.

    However I wait until her books come into paperbacks to read them.