Monday, May 18, 2015

Another Desktop

My almost 5 year old laptop was slowing down. The last year or so I started recording and editing videos. The laptop just took too long to do all I need to create a finish product for upload to my Youtube account.

Yes, I could clean up the laptop and maybe it would get some of its oomph back. I had a fear in doing this. What happens if I break it in the process? I would then have no computing power. I could still use my smartphone or tablets to access the Worldwide Web but nothing to deal with the files that have nothing to do with the internet.

Decision... Yes, a new computer is needed.

I called my brother and ask him what I should get. He said he would build me a super duper desktop. Hmmm... desktop. The last time I had one was 7-10 years ago. I never used it. At that time I was traveling every week, and I counted on the laptop to do everything. It was just too much of a hassle to move stuff back and forth. Now I'm home more and only disappear about 5 days a month. It's now the tablet that goes on my trips with me. They are leisure trips and I don't need any real computing power. I just need something to connect to the internet, access email, read books, or watch movies--the tablet fulfills this need.

Yes, I can deal with a new computer that is a desktop. I take my brother up on his offer. I was in no real hurry for a new one. He could take his time (well, you really can't rush him), and he was watching for deals on the parts. He notified me to ordered the processor in September. I think I took ownership of the computer in March. I had a couple of other things I had to do myself -- find the speaker system I had for my old desktop, get a USB wireless adapter (he forgot I'm a wireless house) and a new monitor.

I love love love my new desktop. It boots up from a SSD. Definitely no time to do anything else as my log in screen appears almost instantly. Programs run super duper fast. A 4-minute video would take about an hour or two to process on my laptop. While it would only take 5 minutes to process on my desktop.

I'm almost set hardware wise. I just need to get a wired mouse to remove the need to replace batteries and pickup mic/speaker adapter from my brother so I can use the mobile headphones I have laying around. I may add another hard drive or two as there's room in the housing.

Next computing adventure.... cleanup the laptop and see how much oomph returns.

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