Monday, October 6, 2014

Pantyhose Does Not Last Forever

It really doesn't.

I finally decided to tackle a drawer today--the one that holds all my slips and pantyhose. A drawer that I've not opened since business casual became the norm.

I think the last time I put on pantyhose or a slip was on June 1, 2000. That was the last day of 10-month consulting assignment at Amerada Hess. Business casual was only permitted on Fridays which I did not work.

The elastic on all the pantyhose, even the ones still in unopen packages, are shot. Stretched it once, and it stayed stretched. I also had a whole bunch of knee-high stockings in here. The ones that were made of the same material as the pantyhose are dead. My sister-in-law who works in the financial industry will become the proud owner of new knee-high stockings (for Christmas *LOL*).

As for the slips, there were casualties here, too. I really don't know why some have survived through the decades and some have not. Just hearing the sound of scrunching elastic will tell you who the survivers were. No sound, it was a keeper. I stretched a couple just to double check. They bounced right back.

Now I have to decide how many slips to keep and the rest to get rid of. I guess I'll keep them all until the rest of the closets have been gone through.

Yes, I'm going to need to buy new pantyhose but not yet. It might be another 10 years before I put one on.

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