Saturday, February 25, 2017

Walt Disney World Magic Bands - Collection is Not Done

Old & New Magic Bands
I thought I collected every single color you could of the Magic Band from staying on property. To my surprise, the latest Magic Band I got was different.

*back of hand to forehead* "Woe is me! I need to continue visiting the Mouse's house until I collect every single color."

As you can tell from the picture, the RFID section is wider. The rest of the band is the same size. You can still make the length of the band smaller if you need to.

What is nifty with WDW making the RFID section wider is that you can now remove it if you do not like wearing the wrist band. WDW instructions said an adult should be the one remove the screws to take the RFID part out.

I like this new feature because I do not and never did wear the Magic Band on my wrist. I always scrunched the Magic Band up to the size you see in the opening picture, attached it to a cord and carried it my pocket or bag. Now I can (Yes, I'm an adult who can operate a screw driver) just carry the RFID in a pouch and attach it to my retractable cord which I can clip to anything. No excess bulky plastic to carry around anymore.

What a way for WDW to keep me coming back!

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