Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Too Many Emails

I have multiple email accounts. I manage majority of these mail accounts by having one account retrieve them. Well, it seems the main account was having problems retrieving one of the accounts for the past month. I took care of the problem child several nights ago.

 When my main account had trouble retrieving my email, I signed into the faulty mail account and hopefully clear it up so my main account could do it's retrieval. Nothing I did seem to work. The main account still had problems doing its retrieval.

This meant my plan to slowly get rid of the problem mail account which is used mainly for retail mailings will get cleaned up sooner than later.

First, I unsubcribed from many of the mail lists that I do not read anymore. I don't even look at the subject line. I just look at the address and delete the email. I'm going to save myself some extra seconds in checking my email. For others, I will be changing the email address it is used.

Next, I deleted all the emails, over 46,000 of them. Yes, when I had the main program retrieve the mail, I told it not to delete them. Maybe I should have. Then I would not have spent about an hour deleting them.

Final objective for this account and another is to totally send these email accounts to oblivion.

Now, I have other mail accounts I need to clean up. What about you?

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