Tuesday, November 7, 2006


Ever since I got up, I would hear a chirp about every two minutes. It's late afternoon and the chirping is still happening. If I listen to the advice given, I might not get the pleasure of the chirping. I could stop the chirping, but I think I'll give the pleasure to my sister as the chirping is coming from her room -- definitely hers as I stood in her room for several minutes to make sure. It's only fair.

I went out early afternoon to drop mail off before the postman comeths and discovered the lovely present S4 left on the walkway. I scooped up a dead bird from the walkway last night. S4 decided to sanitize the walkway with bleach. Well, we only had color bleach which is a bit thick and it was a bit nippy up here. Boy, did she pour it on. I discovered a nice puddle of bleach on the walkway. I wonder what my neighbor thought of that bluish white blob on the walkway when he dropped off my paper on my stoop. It took four buckets of water to get rid of the blob.

Oh the chirping...It's pretty good advice but I'm a procrastinator at heart. Really one of those that start off doing something and get distracted by another thing and so on. Our state observes Daylight Savings Time. We did turn all the clocks back -- we had to if we wanted to get up at the right time to catch our plane to the bus to the ship...CRUISE. The other recommended thing to do is to change the batteries on the smoke detectors. Nope did not do it that night as we were still packing.

Now, we have our first chirping smoke detector. I'll make S4 change the others when she does hers. At the end of the day, I think I'll wind up doing them all. Oh well, it was a nice dream. I need to hunt down the batteries. I hope we have enough 9 volt batteries. We have 6 smoke detectors to be changed. No worries, detectors will continue to work provided we do not have power outage. They are hard wired. The batteries are just backups.

I mind as well change the battery on the thermostat, too. I guess.

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