Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sweet Silllllleeeeennnnncccceeee....Chirp

I was totally wrong about the outcome of the chirping. S4 changed only hers. Why? "I changed them all last year except for yours." Well, we all know about payback right.

We came home last night. I saw another nasty critter in the garage. Got me my handy Raid and sprayed it to death. Can't run from me. What? Centipede. After that horrible death, I came in and heard a chirp. I asked S4 did she hear that. Yep, she sure did and she went upstairs. She and I both thought it was one of the ones she did not change. Nope, it was hers again.

I went downstairs and search for the batteries in the good old kitchen junk draw. As I was thinking about changing batteries, I decided I mind as well change the batteries in the thermostat. While I was at it, I needed to turn the clock on the thermostat back, too.

End of the day, all got changed except the one in the basement and my bedroom. No more batteries. I would have had enough batteries if we did not have to replace S4's twice. All would have been changed except my bedroom because it has a catherdral ceiling which requires my ladder that my brother-in-law's friend borrowed and somehow wound up at my brother-in-law's and has not returned still.

Now off to Walmart to return books I already have (don't you hate buying stuff you already have *argh*) and pick up some more batteries. And, maybe some Popeyes for dinner *yummmmmmm*

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