Sunday, November 5, 2006

Great September & October

In September, I got to go annual Disney Pin Event. It wasn't the Pin Event so much as getting together with my internet pals again that I met last year at the event. It was also the pleasure of matching more faces to people I've meet and chatted with online for the last two years. My great pal from England even hopped over so we could at least spend the day together before I had to head on home. She and her hubby even introduced me to another couple that I've briefly corresponded with.

October was also a fantastic month also. I had a great reason to visit New Orleans, Louisiana. Sherrilyn Kenyon got over 300 fans together from Friday evening to Sunday morning. I got there a day early so I could check out NOLA before her convention started. Definitely got to come back and explore the city some more. I was only able to check out the French Quarter a bit. Through her BBS, I've met some great people. This was an great opportunity to put faces to the board names. I'm a bit shy and did not get into the groove until towards the end of event. I was able to talk to some. Others, I matched faces to board names from a far. However, there will be next time because Sherri will hold another get together for her fans again.

The month just ended with a 3-day, 4-night Disney Cruise with my oldest (S1) and youngest (S4) sisters. I was able to meet up with more of my Disney Pin friends -- yes, it was a pin event cruise. The weather did not cooperate with us when we docked at Nassau. My sisters and I stayed on the ship and split up to do our own thing. Now that I think about it, the whole cruise flew, or should I say sailed, by. It was too short. Highlights: S1 likes to eat, sleep and watch the movies/shows. S4 likes the soft serve ice cream and lying on the beach. S4 can hoola hoop and do the limbo on the lowest rung. They are lucky on the pin games than I am. I definitely suck. Lunch was great with Joette and Bill (hopefully he sends S4 his meatloaf). Pin trading with the ship's officiers. Experiencing a power outage while in an inside cabin -- it's pitch dark except for the glow in dark hands on the clock. The TSA loves opening my bag that contains the pins.

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