Monday, June 18, 2007

Water...Not Friendly in My Neck of the Woods

Pointy says it's a sign. The sign to move. I think not. I will conquer. I will win. I will not move whatever Pointy says. This will be the home I retire in.

THE WATER IS HARD. Never understood it until now.

I think it was two years ago I had to get my washing machine fixed. It washed clothes but it was leaking at the bottom. Thank goodness I had a pan underneath the machine and a drain hole in the middle -- good design by the architects. The repairman, not Maytag, said the hard water ate through one of the doohickeys. When he was done, he asked me with a straight face if I wanted an extended service waranty. Of course, I asked him if he was serious and what would he do. Next time the machine goes kerbonk, I'm going to buy a new one. The next repair will not be worth the labor.

The "chains" in all the toilets (3 of them) had to be all changed. The "chain" was plastic and snapped in one of them. As one had to be changed, mine as well changed them all. My BIL did the half bath and I took care of the ones upstairs.

Pointy's bathtub faucet broke where she could not turn on the water. She had to use mine until my bro could come over and figure out what the problem was. Nothing wrong with the mechanism. It seems the handle broke. Bro swiped one handle from my double shower and all I needed to do was hunt one down to replace mine. Yeah, Home Depot. It had one.

Last year, it was the refrigerator's turn. I discovered a growing puddle of water underneath the frig. Of course, I did not know how long this was going on. Pulled and pulled and pulled the frig out. It was like a pond back there. It seeped into the molding and mold was growing on it. I ran down to the basement to see what kind of damage might have gone down there. Drywall on ceiling was wet. Bro said not to worry about basement ceiling it should dry. It seems the hard water did something to the water line going into the ice maker. Nope, no repair guy. I don't need no stinking ice maker. I can go back to ice trays. I did need my bro to come over and help me get the stinking water filter off of the line. So of this long lasting project of mine, since last May 2006... frig is still not back in its spot 'cause I'm working on replacing the molding. Got one piece in and need to do three more. Running joke in family is who will finish first, me and my frig or my bro and his house (running four/five years and still not in a move in condition; wifey not happy).

Well, the "chain" my BIL replaced broke again. The water ate right through it. As I did not need that toilet, there was no rush to fix it. I brought a new chain but felt no urgency to fix it. A month ago, I get an email from Pointy saying "My toilet is broken. It won't flush." *arghhh* She tried plunging *weakling* nothing. She can use my bathroom in the mean time. My head was not into solving her toilet problem. Instead I decided to fix the half bath toilet so she had a choice of two. Besides the chain being broken, it was also running. I headed back to Home Depot to get a replacement flapper. Got that all replaced, but still did not want to deal with Pointy's toilet. I think I was hoping Pointy could talk Bro into working on it, but Bro cannot or he feel the wrath of wifey.

I come back from a trip and Pointy says the half batch toilet is really running water. Stoopid me forgot to clip the excess chain or put it out of the way of the flapper. Fixed that easily. Ooops, water is still running. Flapper is not sitting right and tis annoying neighbor as we all share a sewer pipe and he can hear it. Oh bother, I turned the toilet off. I go up to Pointy's toiler and try my hand at plunging. Bad plunger. Does not provide a good seal.

I looked at Pointy's bathroom. It needs some serious caulking. It's almost all gone. Round the bathtub. Round the sinks. Round the bathtub water spout. Some caulking needs to be done around the kitchen. My bath can use some, too.

I went to the Home Depot today. Got me a new plunger and flapper et al. When will I try my hand on the two toilets, don't know yet. If I cannot fix both, I throw my hands up and call a plumber and handyman. Gotta fix the woes of this place.

I AIN'T MOVING!!! The water cannot win. Pointy does not get her wish that I move.

Oh, Pointy nearly broke the main TV. Thank goodness it was problem with that day's cable reception. Otherwise, I'm going to kick her out.

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