Saturday, June 16, 2007

Arrrrr...My Profile Page...What You See

I generally don't look at my own profile until I want to give it new decor. There's no reason for me to look at my own page since I removed the friends and comments section from the page. I can go to the links on my main page to see that stuff.

I decided to play with MySpace's new Profile Editor. Poked here and there. Still don't have a opinion on whether I like it or not as I've already invested lots of time ripping it apart to change the parts I want.

Whatever changes MySpace has done to put in their Profile Editor has made my customized page go a bit awhack. Now I got to figure things out again.

Tis good that I will be working form home for a bit.

P.S. Now I see the blog gone nutzoyd. *arghhhhhhh*

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