Monday, March 24, 2008

Can't Find a Slip

That’s right. I can’t find a slip. Well, I can, but it’s the not right length. I also came across some old ones. How can you tell they are old? The elastic crunches. If you pull the waist, the elastic justs disintergrate (sp?).

No, it’s still a bit too nippy by me for skirts. Plus, I come home to relax and shorts and capris are my choice of wear. I just got it in my head that skirts and dresses are not for play time. I think I’m slowly changing my mindset about this. Just got to find ones I don’t care that I wreck during play time and does not need the iron.

I need the slip for the Phoenix area because the hot temps are coming. It’s going to be in the mid to high eighties this week. Great weather for skirts and dresses as I walk about 7 blocks between hotel and office. Yes, I still wear them. The legs get to breathe. They travel well and take a lot less room in the suitcase. You know this girl does not do baggage claim.

Yes, some of my skirts still need slips. It just does not feel right. It’s too suggestive when you can see through the skirts/dresses.

Oh well, no time to hunt for the best length. Another thing to add to list of things to do and maybe buy again. I hate shopping.

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