Saturday, March 8, 2008

Procrastination at Its Finest

I was suppose to do it yesterday. I need to get it done today in case others have to do something. Well, I still have not started. Instead I'm bloggin

I did not do it last night as I had all intentions to do it today. Instead of going to bed promptly, I decided to finish Creation in Death by Nora Roberts. Not that I really need to read it as I read it two months ago. But I started it and just had to finish it

My brain and body must have known I could not sleep in today which usually happens when I read late into the night. I rolled over and it was 5:30am. Too early to get up. Looked at the clock again and it was 6:30am. I couldn't roll around anymore and got up.

Well first things first, breakfast -- tea and Eggo waffles. Done.

Got some PaperbackSwap orders that I have to wrap. Done.

Check the email, Woot and Yugster. Done.

Go through week's worth of mail. Done.

Check the DH BBS and MySpace and Reader list subscriptions. Done.

My sister comes down and we chat. "Are you going out?"

Now, it's late enough and the post office should be open. Packed the books for it's trip.

I decided since I'm out, I will go get Amazing Hot Dog for lunch. I went to their website with the intention of placing an order online. Of course, the website goes down after placing the first item.

"Are you going to the Library?" Why? "Because you have all those books to return." Good idea. Return the books to the library even though they could have waited another week.

So off I go -- Library (got 8 books though I still have 5 to read), Post Office (they only had one teller and 6 people in front of me), Amazing Hot Dog (picked up phone in order).

Got back and now had to eat lunch

Now I have two shipping boxes that need to be unpacked and examined. Done

Check the DH BBS one more time. Done

Oh well, I guess I'm ready to start the project I need to complete. Where did the day go. It's 3:15. Hopefully there are no other interruptions

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