Monday, June 9, 2008

Contract Between Author and Reader

I came across a forum discussion about "Writer/Reader Contract". It's funny as it came at a time I just finished a book that is taking a beating from fans for the series.

I have to say the publisher and author did not come together on the marketing of this book. Only about a third of the book was about what was in the blurb, title and cover of the book. The funny thing... I don't even know what the blurb actually says. I got the ebook. It was an "autobuy" author. I totally enjoyed the book, and it's a good continuation of the series started five books ago.

I also hang on several author's forum and fan forums which discuss the books I read. Lots of readers post what they want the author to do, how the story/series should proceed. I get somewhat annoyed with these type of posts because the readers say if the author does not go this way I'm going to stop reading.

Who's story is it? Who is suppose to be writing the book?

The author's responsibility is to write the best story he/she can -- do what your muse says and not the readers (and preferably not your publisher).

The reader's responsibility is to keep an open mind and enjoy the story. Let the author take you into their world. If you can't, then just drop the book and move on. Stop moaning about how the author did not meet up to your standards and expectations of the book. It's not your story but the author's. Maybe it's time to part ways as author and reader have taken different forks in the road.

As each story the author shares with the public, he/she will keep current fans enthralled, pick up new fans and, sadly, even lose fans. The world still spins. There are still lots of authors out waiting for you to find them.

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