Monday, June 2, 2008

I Caught One

Pointy is my primary source of email chain spam. I've taught my other sister to check the validity of chain spam on before spreading it some more. She checks Pointy's spam and let's everyone know whether it's good or not. Nice to know at least one of my siblings listens, once in awhile.

Well, the latest one did not require me to check it out on snopes. I recognized the pics that were used. I was lucky enough to spend some time examining the tree.

If you get an email containing pictures about an extraordinary tree in South Africa with great carvings, it does not reside in South Africa. It might reside in Africa, but not the continent. It's the Tree of Life from the Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World. It's a beautiful man-made tree. The Discovery Channel even had a making of this tree episode.

I wonder how many gullible people there will be who think mother nature did all this beautfil work.

Oh, if you're interested in checking the tree out, go here --

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