Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Understand but Don't Gotta Like It

When I'm at a work site or get on my employer's Virtual Private Network (VPN) at home, all my favorite fun websites start to disappear. The latest one the Dark Hunter BBS. I check that BBS about two times or more during work hours.

I understand about no sexual sites, no file server sites, no social sites, no blog sites but my DH BBS which I've always been able to get to via VPN. I wonder when my other BBS will go, too. I wonder when they will catch on that I circumvented the no blog sites via my Google Reader.

I guess I should be doing my work instead of surfing. Maybe. It just means I will do more online shopping or maybe catching up on real life news. Nah, shopping or online games. Yeah, games But possibly when I'm on the work site.

'Cause at home. I'm dual laptops. One for work (VPN on) and one for play (no VPN). Guess which one I'm on more

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