Thursday, March 12, 2009

Weekend in Phoenix

Some people think my job is great because I get to travel to cities. Yes, the perks are good because I can build up for free hotel and free air travel, but I don't get to really see the city I go to. I don't get to play tourist unless I book time to do it. I get up early and work late to get my hours in for the week and then fly home.

I've been working in Phoenix for over a year. The most I've seen is what is between the hotel and my client's office. Last week, I needed to put in five days of work at the client site versus my usual four days. I still crammed a lot in the four days and felt okay leaving early on Friday. The hotel shuttle driver happen to mention there was a chinese cultural center north of the airport. So, off I went to go visit it.

The COFCO Chinese Cultural Center is not very big. I would say it was about two blocks by two blocks. They had a great garden in the front. In the back, there were some shops, restaurants and a big asian market. I think it was run by the same folks that do Ranch 99 that is found in Monterey Park, LA area. What I found neat about the market... They did something different in the seafood area than I'm use to. Yes, you pick sea food, they weigh it and they will clean it for you. Unlike other places that may steam it for you, this place did flash frying, It was neat. Click the Moon Gate image for more pictures I took.

On Saturday, I took a drive up to Sedona to see the red rocks up close and personal. I think I found all the ones that people generally take pictures of. Sedona has changed a lot since I last visited about 17 years ago. You can actually see the sprawl. One of the main roads in, Highway 179, was under major construction. They are working to expand it into a four lane highway I think. Instead of traffic lights, they have instituted traffic circles, aka roundabouts. Cars go round and round in a circle because they don't know when to exit. While the cars on the outside don't know how to get into the circle. I think we, New Jersey, have gotten rid of all of them except for one. Click the Rear View Mirror for other pictures I took.

Sunday was somewhat a day of rest. Nothing exciting. I did take a nap in the late afternoon :D

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  1. (((Jusy)))) Glad you were able to see some of the sites finally! Oh and I'd be one of those peeps going around and around in that roundabout! Had a heck of I time when I was in Britain esp w/ driving on opposite side!