Tuesday, February 16, 2010

We Are The World - Now and Then

NBC debuted We Are The World 25 for Haiti before the 2010 Winter Olympic games opening ceremonies.

When I heard it, I was not that thrilled with it. I posted on Facebook that this would need another listen. Maybe it will grow on me.

I later found out that the broadcast was only 3 minutes of the full video. Here's the official one. I like this version a lot better.

Here's the original.

Old or new? I sitll like the original. Yes, the new one grew on me. I like the new except for the guy (Jamaican?) who sounds like an out-of-tune warbling bird or some animal (time slice 3:14, 6:31 and 7:03). Only good part from him was at time slice 7:41-7:55.

Jay-z felt We Are the World should not have been remade.

How do you feel about the remake?

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  1. I agree with Jay-Z. Film and record producers who try to remake classics are doomed to fail every single time. And they always have. You'd think they would understand that better than anybody else.