Saturday, February 27, 2010

Corporate Games



Don't know which one. Let's say "Tug-A-War".

Given the recession, all companies have analyzed their workforce to see if they can get better efficiencies with less people. My company also had an initiative to remove layers so the customer, internal and external, has less layers to move through when it comes to getting satisfaction. This could mean laying off more people and re-organizing the lines of business.

At the same time, the company continued to look at other businesses it can get into to generate more greens for the coffers.

Last August, I was informed I will have a new administrative manager. Darn! I really wanted to be laid off. Okay, no problems. I'm a low maintenance employee. Tell me where I need to go, what the client needs done and leave me alone to do it. I'll yell if I need anything.

In November, I find out via an organization announcement that I was moved back to my old administrative manager. The managers are generally good about contacting you before any org announcement. Well, someone dropped the ball. I emailed both managers and asked who do I report to. Old manager replied "You now belong to me". New manager gives me back the name of my old manager but then follows up with another to say call me and let's talk.

Under the new manager, I would have had opportunities to work on the new line of business instead of continuing what I'm doing now and hope that new clients will add adventure to the project. The adventure has totally worn off on my current project by a year and it's still going on.

This month, my manager calls me and asks how would you like to work on the new line of business. It means moving back to the other manager.

*Arghhhh! silently* Sure! I'm more than happy to. Though, when the move is final, I may need to return to current project to help them in a pinch. No problem. More than happy to go back and help.

Since all my administrative manager changes have been done by them, I did not think I had to do anything. It would just happen magically. It had every single time.

New manager contacts me. Oh, no! I have to complete a freaking job posting to move back.

Why did they not leave me where I was in August!

I hate paperwork! Especially when it involves a resume. The last resume I had was 16 years ago. Though the company has made me maintain a company resume for clients. I hope they like the company resume. That's what I used.

Limbo, that's the game.

I completed the posting two weeks ago. Not a peep except for "did you post".

New manager contacts me today. I thought it was an interview. Nope. It was just to explain what the new position encompassed, when training will occur, getting lots of materials sent to me and I belong to new org on Monday. I had to remind the new manager that I'll be needed by my current project until they are ready to release me.

Yeah! New stuff to learn. I was tired of the old stuff.

I will be putting in OT the first couple of weeks juggling my current project, which wants attention now when it didn't several weeks ago, and new training at the same time. Am I nuts because I'm excited!?!?! Maybe no time to play on the internet.

Though I really wish to be laid off so I can go find myself. Crossing everything for next re-org. Doubtful as I read Asians are the least likely to be let go.

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