Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lucky Weekend

My weekend started early. I went down to Atlantic City with my sister and her boyfriend last Thursday night. It was a quick trip as we had to return for a family dinner on Saturday.

We spent a couple of relaxing hours at Harrah's indoor pool. The rest of the day was spent at Bally's and the Boardwalk -- BF gambled; sis and I strolled the Boardwalk. Boy, were there lots of seagulls and an occasional pigeon demanding food :)

I did bring $100 down with me in case I wanted to try my luck. My sis did the night before and she was up 10 cents -- penny slots girl. I like the Roulette table.

After dinner, we headed back to Bally's casino. Sis found a $20 Voucher and gave it to me to play. We headed to the craps table and scoped them out. Finally, BF and sis chose a table. I watched the action while BF explained the basics to me. After two sessions, I finally placed the $20 voucher down on the Pass Line. WINNER! The $20 goes in the purse, and we went back to Harrah's. Sis and BF continued to play while I read in the room. It was not a goodnight for them. Sis was down $20 :(

Saturday was checkout day. We went back to Bally's for brunch and some final play. I wanted to try the quasi-automated roulette table since I had a free $20. Individuals had monitors where they can place their bets. No more jostling with others around a single table. It still has the roulette wheel and ball. In the end, the $20 grew to $80 dollars. Darn, I wish I played my number 21. I could have increased it by another $170. Oh, well.

One final bet before hitting the road!

Yes, I started walking to the craps table that we watched earlier. I put down 2 $25 chips on the pass line. I was given the dice, but I passed. I think that was a good thing as the guy next to me had a good running streak. THANK YOU, SIR! Happy me! Happy Sis! BF was even happy.

Zero money. Up $130. Sis got $30. I'm saving $100 for possible future trip. My sis' BF says I have to come on future trips.

I guess someone had to be lucky on this trip as the other two was not. It was my turn. I generally lose or come out even when I decide to play.

Here are pics I took -- 2011 Atlantic City

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