Sunday, August 3, 2014

Oh, my gosh!!!!!

Yes, OMG!!!! I cannot believe that this is my 1st post for 2014. Numero UNO! Definitely a sad state of affairs when I look at my timeline and realized that 2013 only had one post.

It is all FB's and pandas fault. Though you really can't fault those cuddly black and white fluff balls. Watching them actually soothes the soul for the entire day. You just cannot say "awwwww" when watching them. I may also have to blame for enabling live cam streaming of all small and big creatures and natures around the world.

Okay... the real reason I came here...

I was going to post my thoughts about FB and my life. I started doing it in FB but then decided why not here instead. I discovered I did not remember my website. I had to have Google tell me. This place has a whole new look. I need to revamp some of the stuff I have on my blog as some of it is obsolete. It seems besides my house needing a real deep clean (which I don't ever foresee happening) this place--aka blog--does, too (this is more likely to happen as it's the lesser of two evils).

Alright! What I really wanted to say was...

I was at San Diego Comic Con last week helping out a friend. I only had my tablets and smartphone with me. No laptop. Guess what. I think I only checked FB 2-3 times and they were to only look up information. Yeah, me! FB does not have a hold on me. The truth. At the end of the day, and long days they were, and after eating, I just had enough energy to just check my texts, voicemail and email and possibly catch up on some games. I don't recall reading more than a couple of pages.

I also don't recall signing onto FB yesterday, Saturday. By the time I would have signed on, I had to go do something else.

What this means... I'm going to spend less time on FB. If I miss stuff, I do. I'm sure someone will let me know.

... and spend more time watching the pandas and critters on *LOL* ...and reading

Seriously, I need to get my act together because I really need to do some non-pleasurable stuff. One of these days.

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