Saturday, August 9, 2014

Worthwhile Dumpster Dive

My sister brought several of these home -- the speaker, not the player. I even like the blue. I wish she was able to get a couple more speakers, but they were all gone when she went back. If we had a couple more, then they would be put in other rooms and our Bluetooth devices that can tap into them.

Great sound comes out of them. I'm told that it will run for 21 hours on a battery charge. The charger permits me to use it for my Android phone and any other devices that has the micro USB thingy. It connects via Bluetooth or NFC (near field communication, learn something new). I want to find a NFC capable device as the speaker automatically turns on. With the Bluetooth, I have to remember to turn the speaker on/off.

I'm still scratching my head on how two of these will give you stereo. I may test it out one of these days.

As her company gets ready to move down to the financial district, various departments are cleaning house -- dumping stuff to be given to charity or as free-for-all "garbage" for anyone to go through. The Nokia Play 360 was in the free-for-all. Besides these speakers, she also picked up some cool packaged shoe shine kits.

I think my sister will be checking the "garbage" daily.

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