Saturday, August 16, 2014

Where is the Cloud?

When you hear that you can store your stuff up in the "cloud", do you really know what that is? Are you using it just because it's the latest fad?

Bottomline, the "cloud" is someone else's hardware. It is not those fluffy white stuff floating in the sky who some think that's how toilet paper is made.

Some company has opened up their "computers" or their lingo "servers" for you to put your stuff. iCloud, Skydrive, Dropbox, Box and many other names floating in the ethernet are just that. Instead of storing your data on your computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet, external harddrive, thumbdrives -- all this is owned by you and you control physically -- you are putting your data in the hands of another party.

How trustworthy are these companies that own the servers? How safe do you think your data is? What security did that company put in place so hackers cannot access their servers and your data? Remember, hackers have plenty of time. They are bored. They think it's fun to see if they can break in. They may have a grudge against the company or just big business.

Yes, the "cloud" is a great convenience when you're on the move. You want easy access to your data. However, really think about what you are putting up there. Would you be upset or angry that data somehow got leaked out? I seriously hope you do not store confidential data up there.

What made me write this blog? The NYTimes reported today that Apple will be storing your data in China. Though Apple says "your" data is only those living in China.

I hear "cloud" computing is the next thing. You know what...this sounds like the resurrection of TSO *LOL* ...and I don't mean Trans-Syberian Orchestra but Time Sharing Option.

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