Thursday, September 4, 2014

Seems to be Pouring

Not the wet kind but things that you just want to stay away or not happen at all. I was going away for a week the next day and one thing after the other just keep happening.

First... My sister brings in the mail and there's a notice that I have to pick up a certified letter.
I don't know why but my mail person just does not like to ring the doorbell. I'm generally home everyday so I don't see why I need to be given notices that I need to pick something up at the main post office. Arghhhh! I hate that as looking for parking around the main post office is not fun, especially when it's only the parallel kind. Some thing to do when I get back.

Second... The cooling unit for my central air decides to go kerplunk. The fan spins but no cool air is coming out. As the humidity is rising, I'm glad I'm leaving the next day, but roomies were going to be home for two more days. When I reached my destination the next day, I did try to see if the guys my sister uses for her plumbing problems did cooling. Sadly, no more. I guess roomies will need to suffer the two days. Another thing to do when I get back.

Third... I get on the road to head to airport parking. What should come on but the engine check light. I'm getting on that plane.

Luckily, nothing else major happened while I was gone. Though it did pour when I visited Zoo Atlanta on my flight day back. With the pouring rain and thunder and lightning, I was not surprised at all that flights would be late. I got home 1:30am. Yes, the engine check light is still on. The house was a bit warm but became bearable after opening windows and running some fans.

I took out my car manual to see what I need to do about the engine check light. I also asked roommate. So I'll fill the tank up and take it for some long drives to see if it will clear it up in a couple of weeks. If not, time to head back to the dealer for them to take care of it.

The air conditioning unit... I found a company. They came out in 2 hours vs the 5 hours I was quoted. The repair guy quickly found the problem and patched it up. He told me I was really lucky as I've never had the unit serviced (it came with the house and was at least 17 years old). The patch should last me the rest of this year and let's cross all the appendages that it will last many more years before I have to shell out several thousand dollars to get a new one.

Yes, I did head to the main post office to get my certified letter. Yes, my parallel park was crappy.

Now I was not happy to find a letter in the pile of mail from the NJ Taxation that said I owe 2013 taxes. Just got that settled over the phone with Dexter who said my April payment was applied to the wrong year.

All is good except for the engine check light and trying to find my safe place that I put my ticket for Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. Gotta find that ticket.

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