Friday, September 5, 2014

Wary of New Technology... You Should Be

fiber optic world map copyright 2007 Bill Frymire
Verizon tweeted this article -- Wary of New Technology? I liked the beginning because it gave me more information about something I heard about -- the evolution of phone numbers. However, the end of the article is another thing. It's a marketing article.

I'm not siding with either side. You do your research to determine which service is good for you.

One thing I will tell you. If you don't have to switch from copper to fiber optics, don't.

Why? If you watch the video, you'll find that you will need to plug the unit into an electical outlet to get phone service. I switched over to fiber optics because I hated my old cable company. So I have a bigger box than that small box. The box (regardless of size) will most likely have a backup battery in it in case you lose power.

This is where I caution you... lost of power. The backup battery will only keep you in phone service for however long that battery lasts. Mine only lasts 3 hours. Then you no longer have phone service. I had two big storms where I lost power for several days. Luckily my backup to that is cell service.

If phone service is important for your health, REALLY do your research before switching to whatever you decide.

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